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17 Things I Learned in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a bit of a late start for me this year… we can get into that another time. 2018 is here and I look forward to the new chapter this year brings. 2017 was an amazing year that was full of growth and opportunities. New seeds have been planted which have sprouted truths and creativity that I did not expect- this is a perfect segway into the post which is

17 Things I Learned in 2017


  1. Life can be unexpected – It is great to have a plan, but be prepared for the unexpected magic to occur! I would have never thought that I would be starting this blog in 2017, but here it is. It seems that the unfoldment of what is to come has its own say.
  2. Let go of outcomes – This is tied in with my first point- I learned to let go of what I think should be doing and started to just follow what I enjoy and see what comes of it.
  3. Health Wealth should be THE priority – I recognize that without the health of the mind and body, one has nothing.
  4. Not all friendships are forever – As I grow, so do my friendships and It is okay to say goodbye to ones that no longer serve you.
  5. Enjoy the journey – there is no point waiting for the destination. I used to be focused too much on “I will be happy when” but life is to be enjoyed- each day, each moment we are here can be appreciated.
  6. Seek Advice, but Ultimately trust yourself – It is great to look to others for their advice/opinions, but ultimately I focus on my own feelings, intuition and what is true for me.
  7. Everyone has their opinion- let them have it. And also have yours. It’s okay.
  8. Less is more – you can totally get by with less “stuff”. And being with less “stuff” promotes better feelings and the feeling of being free. Check out my minimalism post.
  9. Happiness can be found in small moments
  10. Pick your battles – stressing over the small things isn’t worth it. Will it matter in 10 years if that item is out of place? (regarding my need to have things perfect around the house all the time)
  11. Patience is a virtue- the age-old saying is true- be patient, like nature, beautiful things take time to unfold
  12. Wealthy is not just defined as a dollar figure – being in real estate wealth
  13. You always have choice – you make the choices for your life (at least here in Canada) we are so blessed to have freedom of choice
  14. Alcohol is overrated- so overrated.
  15. Opportunities are everywhere – if you are open to them, you will see them- and they are everywhere.
  16. There is value in having some time doing “nothing”- why is it that we always have to be so busy busy busy to be considered productive? Sometimes the best ideas and creativity can flow from not doing very much at all. This being said, it does lead me to my final point:
  17. You can think about something all you want, but the value comes in the doing.


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