I am a multi-passionate human being! One of my biggest passions is this blog- and being able to share my journey with you.

When I first started this blog, it started as general wellness & self development, and only recently have I directed it more towards disordered eating to provide awareness and advocacy on a topic that I am so passionate about. I am happy to be featured on feedspot under the Top 100 Eating Disorder Blogs on the web.

If you are looking to start your own blog, I have some resources for you to get started. My background is in Real Estate sales, so when I first started blogging, I knew absolutely nothing. I wanted and needed step by step directions and also wanted to think of a way that I could make money doing what I love. I have signed up for many online programs/groups/courses and felt that many of them did not offer the quality of content for what I had paid for. There were two websites, however, that I have found to be very valuable in my starting and building. Check out my top ways to get started-

Wealthy Affiliate

Blogging Course – Coming soon! Just got this one to learn about bogging for 2020. Please check back for more details.