Taking care of your body I definitely feel is key towards having a happy and successful life. For many years I was focused so much on the outward aesthetic appearance of myself and made poor choices such as self deprivation for “short term gains”. This approach was not only mentally unhealthy but physically took a toll on my body which I will get into later on in my posts…

I have come to realize that true success comes with consistent habits and small wins which lead to long term gains.

This page will be dedicated to diet- and by diet I do not mean the next quick fix fad diet but rather healthy yummy enjoyable food ideas and recipes filled with nourishing healing foods that make eating healthy not a chore but rather healthy and sustainable and something to look forward to as you know with each bit you are doing your body good! Also, fitness, beauty and self love will be discussed.

I would love to hear about your own personal challenges that you may have had, or still do have, with your body.