My Body Is My Temple

I never used to think like that. For many years I abused my body internally, to achieve external and superficial goals.

The topic of body and body image has changed for me throughout the years. Taking proper care of your body has a ripple effect on all areas of our lives.

I remember the days that I was afraid to fuel my body adequately and when  I didn’t appreciate all the our bodies do for us each day.

Now days, I enjoy moving my body through yoga and walking/hikes in nature. I am also a fan of weight training… I don’t push myself or do long hours of cardio- nor do I spend time counting calories or obsessing over my body and what I put (or not put) into it. If I can do it- then I know that this can be possible for you too!

I consider myself to be incredibly lucky as I have just had a baby so this is an interesting time where yes, I don’t always feel the best about myself – BUT things are miles and miles better than before.

For many years I was focused so much on the outward aesthetic appearance of myself and made poor choices such as self deprivation for “short term gains”. This approach was not only mentally unhealthy but physically took a toll on my body.

During my darkest times, there was so much self abuse had been going on inside. It is amazing how our bodies can heal.

I have spent considerable time and money working with several modalities (not all listed here) such as BodyTalk, Homeopathy, Hellerwork were all body practices that I tried- make sure to come back soon because I will be adding more to this page going over what I tried, how it helped, and also continue to follow my journey.

I have come to realize that true success comes with consistent habits and small wins which lead to long term gains. The road to recovery has its turns and bumps, but the freedom at the end of the path…. it’s all worth it.

I would love to hear about your own personal challenges that you may have had, or still do have, with your body. Leave a comment below and let me know what sort of topics you would like to see from this page!