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Book Launch for Spring 2021

So I really haven’t been posting here much lately- but I have been writing. I will be co-authoring on a book all about fear- recognizing it, trudging through it and then eliminating it; only to come up against it again as I move through the layers of my personal onion.

My personal fear was, for many years, the fear of fat and food.

And this is just my story- but I love how this book has a “Chicken Soup for the Soul-esque” feel to it as there will be a variety of stories for just about everyone as fear is something that everyone is likely to experience in their lifetime.

I will have more updates and details in the next coming months, so stay tuned….

As for this blog, I’ll still pop on here, don’t forget to subscribe below to receive updates for when I do post.


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Thank you to all my readers 🙂

To pre-register for more updates on the launch you can do so here.

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