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Breaking Through – The Illusions We Create

Often when I drive, I think.

As quick as the thoughts come to me they can pass me by, forgotten.

Today’s thoughts were interesting- it made me wonder about all of this.

Everything- more specifically, Why Are We Here. 

Breaking Through

The past year has been interesting because I have become much closer to my own truth and what I feel to be my soul’s longing, calling, inner purpose- whatever you want to call it.

I am just getting started but the fact that I feel this true divine resonance speaks volumes to where I have finally found myself to be.

Where are we, anyway?

Perhaps we are all stars in our own movies- and the constructs of our own realities are based upon others around us playing out the roles that we have set up within ourselves, matching up to our own organized realities.

Shattered by our own illusions of what we think is to be true, and what we have been told, we wander mindlessly waiting for the newest and best distraction-  often times quickly feeling empty and unfulfilled with our choices made to subdue what we think we need to in the moment.

What is real?

Who knows. I don’t really know. These are only thoughts of today.

But what I do know to be true, is that as I continue to write… it brings up so much truth. More truth than I have probably told myself all week lay between and within the words of these posts. I know this because of a feeling that I have….

I really just think that in order to experience absolute acceptance of ourselves, and an abundance of pure joy, and love, we must break through the illusions of what we think to be true, and start understanding that what we know inside of ourselves to be true as it holds much more value and merit than we give ourselves credit for.

Go ahead, start listening to that voice within.

What does it say?

This week, I set my own intention to really focus on taking my own advice- I am excited to see where it will lead!

And I ask you-

What is the next right move that feels true to you?

This is all a journey, and I invite you to comment below on your own inner pearls of wisdom, knowingness, and truths.







1 thought on “Breaking Through – The Illusions We Create”

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Ever tried talking to yourself with your phone recording everything as you drive? I’m always amazed by the things I work out on my own doing this. Plus, it’s always fun to sift back through it all later on and see what you find instead of forgetting the good bits.

    Anyways, I’ve really enjoyed reading through a few of your posts now. I’m thinking just the fact that you’re asking these questions puts you in a place prepared for positivity, a place that requires you to look inward, and many people can’t stand the discomfort that comes from doing that. So that’s awesome!

    As to where we are? My best guess is just ‘here’ and ‘now’. Which is quite a relief because it means the past has passed, and the future hasn’t arrived yet, so we’ve got a lot less to worry and think about.

    As to what’s real? Time for the expected quote drop:
    Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.

    While Henry Ford might’ve been speaking specifically to the power of self-confidence, it’s also pretty useful for describing the power of the mind in general. The stories we tell ourselves often become our reality, and I think you nailed it: we might as well listen to what’s actually going on inside, accept it unconditionally, and see if we can start telling more positive ones, no?

    Will check out other posts you have and definitely looking forward to future ones 🙂

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