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Challenges to Triumphs – Paying Tribute to Victories

No matter how big or how small, I love to hear inspirational stories of challenges to triumphs.

We hear about other people who have overcome major obstacles and to come out on the other side strong in self and highly accomplished. For me, this is inspirational and shows me that if you dedicate yourself to your goals, your journey and stay consistent, any dream is possible.

There are some stories that I have read along the way in my own journey, they stick out for me from my mental bank of lessons that I have taken on the way and have been able to apply to my own life and have given me gratitude and appreciation when things “get tough”.

Some of these stories from well-known influencers who have a high level of media attention have been candid with their own personal journies including Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carrey.

Oprah was sexually assaulted at 9 years old, pregnant at 14 and lost her child to stillbirth. There was a number of other incidences throughout her life that have shaped her into the truly transformational, inspirational influencer that she is today. Jim Carrey, before reaching stardom, was struggling to get by and was living from his car before becoming a well-known celebrity in the 1990’s and 2000’s. He has since used his celebrity status as a platform to encourage inspiration and truth in being candid with his depression.

I recently met a man with muscular dystrophy, he has no movement of his entire body except for his thumbs. He is unable to swallow or breath without special equipment, and has 8 required staff members that he must rely on for physical needs to get him up and through his day. He is also a spectacular example of overcoming limitations as he runs three separate businesses, president of the Disabled Sailing Association of Kelowna and is inventing medical devices that will enable those who also suffer from disabilities to live their own lives with greater efficiency and ease. You can check out his page, ICAN Resource Group here.

The lessons that we can take away from this are several. Firstly, everyone has their own battles that they face. Many people that you may come across might not share their story right away, but chances are they have one. Another lesson that I have learned is that challenges are sometimes necessary- to shape a person and allow them to grow. To see life from a different perspective- deeper, richer, fuller. Once the obstacle has been faced a person can become transformed and allow whatever unique challenges they have faced to lead them to help others by finding solutions from their own personal challenges that they have faced.

What is your own challenge to triumph story?

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