Creativity Online – Release Your Passion & Earn an Income

If you are a creative like myself, if you haven’t already I would encourage you to explore all the possibilities of expressing your creativity online.

Creativity Online

How to Get Started


 If you enjoy writing or have ever wanted to start a blog the time is now. Get started here or learn more by checking out my page.


If video blogging or camera creativity sparks your interest give it a try. I have just started up my Youtube channel that you can view here . Again, a great way for creatives to express and share their own personal passions and educate others. Have fun with it! Don’t be so hard on yourself either- it doesn’t need to be perfect. The real key is just following through on getting started.

Digital Design/Media/Photography

Like photography or digital design and media development? Again, embrace youtube and or start uploading your pictures and editing them online or creating an Instagram account with your images. You can be creative by adding quotes and aligning them in a particular pattern or have fun creating a cohesive brand with a specific tone with all of your photos, etc.


Creatively edit for others if you do not want to produce your own content- how can you be creative by editing? Well, you can offer to do logos, video intros, etc. You can see existing brands on youtube or online and contact a person seeing if they would like you to recreate a better brand, something more enticing…

Product Branding

Creating your own brand for apparel, products, etc can be a fun and exciting way to be creative.

Create a Course/Program or Workshop

Create your own online program if you have something that you can share or teach to people that will be of value to the and enhance their lives, consider an online platform such as thinkific here.


At the end of the day, there are so many ways that you can you can be creative online. It really is all about just getting started and seeing where it goes. Creativity should not be harnessed or overly managed. It should just be done.

All of the above ideas can be done by following your personal passion. You don’t need to throw away what you are currently doing now, but just by exploring- if you are interested in getting started, I recommend that you check out my other page Freedom Dream Lifestyle check out how I got started online. Or you can go here and just get started for free right away.

Let me know if any of these suggestions sparked something for you! I would love to hear what creative projects you are currently working on 🙂

We are abundant with opportunities online!

Love & Light

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