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Crystal Healing – Rose & Lavender Quartz

In my last post, I discussed the importance of forgiveness- not just for others but for yourself.

You can support self love with affirmations and by practicing acts of self kindness, and I am a big fan of crystals to support healing and self development in all aspects. You can learn more about my love for crystals in this video here.

Check out my video on Lavender & Quartz Crystals Below.

Rose Quartz and Lavender Quartz Crystals

The rose quartz crystal is a beautiful pale pink stone that promotes love for yourself and others, compassion, and self esteem. Is is a wonderful stone if you are needing emotional healing and or release, particularly dealing with issues surrounding matters of the heart.

If you have just gone through a current breakup or are feeling lonely this stone can nurture you and also allow forgiveness and compassion. It is a wonderful emotional healer and helps to open up the heart to love and trust again.

It helps not only with love but also with friendship so it could be used to enhance any areas of relationship in your life.

It can be used to enhance positive affirmations and also to have a better relationship with yourself, encouraging self love and appreciation for yourself and everything in your life.

Lavender Quartz is rarer than the rose quartz and has a pale purple color which is due to a different mix of titanium and manganese than the rose quartz. The untrained eye can sometimes think that both crystals are the same but in fact, they are not.

Again, a very loving heart connected stone, the lavender quartz helps to fill your heart with love but can be considered to be a stone used for psychic abilities, insights, and communication with the nonphysical. This stone works to activate the heart and third eye chakras and is used for greater insight and wisdom- a great combination with the “more emotional” rose quartz. It also aids in guidance and connection to your conscious and higher self.

I also read that it is used in the treatment of disorders relating to brain-wave frequencies which I will need to research further.

I love crystals! Let me know if you are a fellow crystal lover too 🙂

Let me know what you think of the use of crystals and also what you think of these crystals I have mentioned here.

8 thoughts on “Crystal Healing – Rose & Lavender Quartz”

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for putting up these insights.
    Me personally always love the crystal especially with red rose inside, but I never know such things like you mention in the article.
    After reading the article and watching the embedded video, I get so refresh. I feel like should start a new beginning.
    I’m not break up or lonely, but I feel like my heart is empty.
    Perhaps Lavender Quartz or rose quartz could help.
    BTW, thanks for sharing.
    Please share more these stuff!

    1. Hi Muan! Happy that you liked my first video in the Crystal Series!! Yes, the lavender and rose quartz crystals will help with your heart to fill it up- make sure that you do not purchase a low-quality stone online… best to go to a local reputable shop. I will be posting a video soon “Why I love Crystals” that will go over all of this. Keep checking back on my site for new videos each week and let me know what else you would like to see 🙂

  2. Hi!
    I also love crystals, and I have two crystals at home. I would like to buy them more. I think that everyone has a crystal which is unique to them and can help more than other people.
    Thank you for sharing! Great job! I will return to your site in the future for sure.

    1. Hi Linda! I totally agree that everyone has crystals that “speak” to them. I feel that each my crystals have found me in some way… thanks for the positive feedback 🙂

  3. This is a lovely website. It has a very calming feeling and I love your articles about crystal healing and spirituality. I too have crystals at home. Rose quartz is one of my favourites. Your spiritual beliefs are how I try to live my life too. I have known many people who believe they are spiritual but do not practice it.
    This is great reading.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Barb. I appreciate that you have picked up on the “tone and vibe” of the site- this is exactly what I was wanting to convey to my visitors 🙂 I agree with you that there are many people who do not put things into practice- I believe that it is the practice that makes a person become truly spiritual, despite that we could all be considered spiritual beings couldn’t we?

  4. Totally relate to your feelings in how one can get so down and the healing truly can be a spiritual one especially going through depression. Best to do it without drugs, which unfortunately that was my first course of action. In pursuit of a better alternative someone told me about pink quartz crystals. I now have big lovely chunks all over my house. Just seeing them puts a smile on my face. Thank you for such a wonderful site.

    1. Hi Julia,
      I love that you have big chunks of crystals all over your house! They really are the best, aren’t they?! I totally agree that there is so many natural alternatives out there for healing and to help alleviate depression. All the best to you on your journey and check back each week for a new crystal video on my youtube channel.

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