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Cycles of Life

How is it already April 7th already?

I am spending some time right now in Vancouver and wanted to touch on a concept that for me, is fundamental.

The Cycles of Life.

Like the seasons in nature, we too have inevitable cycles that promote changes, growth, death, rebirth.

In the past, I don’t think I spent enough time (stillness) to honor the changes and process what was- mentally, physically, spiritually…

I have a tendency to PUSH- to want things to happen- but sometimes what my body and mind are needing is just…rest.

I can tell that I am about to start the beginning of a new cycle. I can tell this because there a lot of things “coming to an end”. There is so much beauty in this- and the art of letting go is such a blessing once it is mastered.

There is an incredible sense of satisfaction that I have come into this new cycle because…well, I just feel excited- like something exciting is going to happen!

I am also honoring that I am wanting to spend a bit of time away from the computer, and I do not have the urge to write as much- so I don’t.

It’s fine, I will be back when I have the urge again.

I think that is why I love this blog so much- I do it on my own time, at my own pace, in my own way. There is no “pressure” for me to pump out a post every day.

It is a tiny piece of my sacred space that I share with the world, YOU, online.

Current Mood: R&R.

Conserving My Energy

Why am I not in the mood to write as much?

Well, for starters- I am experiencing MAJOR SHIFTS- all for the better!

I currently feel like I am going through some sort of cleanse.. from a cellular level.

Leaving behind what does not serve me and become refocused and renewed.

I wonder how my consistent morning meditation/guided hypnotherapy practice that I have been doing daily (sometimes even doing 3 in a row) has played a significance in this, as well as the role of my Heilkunst Homeopathic Journey which also seems to be coming to an end (possibly just for now?).

Letting Go

Out With the Old

Of course with one’s journey of personal growth, it can be expected that what no longer is resonant will fall away- I am noticing this with certain relationships, music, even my home environment is needing a remodel.


In With the New

I am most recently consumed with doing a home renovation… most likely in stages if I am still living in the home. It seems as if this renovation of my environment is parallel with the current “renovation” I am undergoing with myself.

Additionally, I have booked myself in with a new coach that I have never worked with before- there is a lot of “newness” with a distinct separation from last year…and I am loving it!

The Road Ahead

The cycles of life are inevitable. How can a person grow and live out experiences if things always stay the same?

I think that in this time of transition, it is important to be okay with any “rest & relaxation” that is needed.

Letting go and being receptive to what is to come is really where I am at now… I will keep you posted but I am quite certain that there are many exciting things in store that I look forward to sharing with you.

The author Paolo Coelho write: “Life is the train, not the station”.

Enjoy it while you can!




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