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Do What You Want – Because No Matter What You Do, There Will Be Critics.

Do What You Want.

As I explained in my last post, for some reason, I see a heck of a lot of people not actually doing what they want.

There are, of course, plenty of excuses based around a “fear of lack” mentality – not enough time, money, resources (although may I point out the majority of the people that I see live in Canada).

There is another less discussed reason which is fear of judgment.

This is the topic up for discussion today.

No Matter What You Do, There Will Be Critics.

This year has been filled with amazing insights for me thus far- and rightfully so. I have placed an intention of breaking through the constructs of any false beliefs and releasing any last bits of unexpressed emotions. To do this my subconscious is thoughtfully bringing to my attention what it needs to in perfect timing.

A Single Piece Of Paper

So, you know those jars with the daily pearls of wisdom in them? The ones that are clear and glass and have little rectangular shaped pieces of paper with sayings on them that are similar to fortune cookies? You Know? And you take a piece of paper and that is your daily wisdom…

Anyways, I reach my hand into the jar and get this tidbit which I am now doing a blog post on. I got it last weekend and it is just really resonating now.

So Much Truth In Such A Simple Statement.

I am not one to enjoy much fluff- you can tell from my blog posts and when you talk to me in person that I am quite to the point-

And so simple statements really hit me hard.

I love them.

They stimulate thought and deep inner self-wisdom.

But it really made me recognize how true it is- critics are everywhere. People hold judgments and reservations for all types of places/people/things.. none of which are under anyone’s control except for the person who is holding those judgments and thoughts.

You Won’t Make Everyone Happy, Accept it.

Totally Okay. Work on making yourself happy. I put content out there like this knowing that there may be few (definitely a very limited few =p) who might not like this post.

And that is okay because guess what?

I like it!

So just remember,

You May As Well Do What You Want,

because no matter what you do there will be critics.

Leave me a comment below on this post! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions!

xo AK

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