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Dreams, Irritations, and All Those Layers In-Between…

Today I am completely having a day.

This became apparent as I was screaming at my Converse hightop before leaving the house this morning- the struggle was real as I tried to put on my shoe.

I turned around to find my dog looking at me, four pounds of cuteness looking up at me wondering what exactly was going on.

Let Me Tell You What is Going On Today.

I feel so annoyed!

And I am not entirely sure why.

Do I even need a reason?

Being in the realm of self-development, I think it is important to show all facets of myself and my life- the good and the bad.

Yes, I like to promote positivity- I am all about the lifestyle.

But I also need to be real and showcase the less than positive times in my life. Times like these, when I wake up having A DAY.

These days are few and far between, but they do happen. Just like you, I am also human.

It is great to be positive, but it also is important, to be honest with what feelings are coming up- and why.

I am not exactly sure what has provoked these feelings within me, but the biggest thing that stands out to me right now is what happened during the night.

The Important Role of Dreaming.

I had a dream last night that stood out- it was strong and stuck with me when I woke up. Whenever I have these types of dreams I listen. It is my subconscious giving me a message. In this dream I was hiding… old friends were in the dream, from a certain period in my life…  CLUES.

I have not yet fully deciphered the meaning, I will need to sit with it throughout the day, but I brought this dream up to my friend Rena (She is a Naturopathic Doctor and you can visit her page here) and she told me that perhaps, if I was hiding, this dream is based on Fear.

It should not be a surprise then, that I am feeling agitated and a bit out of sorts today.

Whatever that dream was about last night, it was the most vivid that I have had in awhile and it stirred things up.

Even After Years of Doing Self-Work, There Are Still things to work through.

Funny enough, I have a Heilkunst (Homeopathic) Appointment today.

I have come into a really great space in my life, but even so….there are still more layers to work through.

Oh, the beauty of self-development and self- actualization.

As I go through my day today I can explore further why these feelings have come up for me.



I want to sink into and explore this irritation further instead of stuff down or shy away from what is coming up.

So often we are told to undermine and numb unpleasant, uncomfortable or unwanted feelings- but these feelings are messages that are being given to us to understand and explore ourselves further so why turn away from them?

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable


Can you sit in a space of irritation and overwhelm and just be okay to feel it?

I have set the intention to get really close to my feelings- for many years I choose not to feel but I am not ready and eager to feel all the emotions that come along with being here in this world, living life.

Despite this day not being all sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies, I can appreciate that I able to be in tune with whatever needs to come up and worked through.

I think I want to end my post here- keeping it open.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this… perhaps if you are having a bad day too and want to share.


And as always,

Love & Light







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