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Feeling Lost at 30- Can Technology Help or Hinder? You Decide.

I kept changing this post around… because something did not “feel quite right”.  Yes, I want to discuss within this post the contribution and effects that technology has on us as a society, as individuals- but I also feel that it is important to point out that I am not blaming technology but rather to shedding light on the fact that because of technology, rapid change is taking place than ever before, and this can be scary for many once they understand the true realization of this reality.

Feeling Lost at 30 can technology help or hinder

How is technology changing us?

In many ways technology can also be looked at as something amazing-growing, expanding and evolving the world on a deeper and more conscious level- technology is helping us. It is creating globalization and shared community and knowledge at a time when I believe a lot of people are seeking out this information and are feeling a stronger inner nudge, an inner calling, to do and be something more- to bring more purpose and passion into what they are doing.

This inner driver is beyond technology- technology can support it and it can also bring up mixed feelings because of the power it holds to stimulate one’s self and create new insights…

This will be the first post of several- I would like to do a “series” on this topic because it is something that needs to be brought up more often. The idea of “feeling lost”, “unfulfilled” or “not enough”.

These thoughts or feelings and emotions do not discriminate and can strike down at any moment briefly or linger around much longer.

In this post, I am only discussing the possible correlations between technology and its grip on us in what I feel to be pretty obvious ways.

In a world that is fast-paced, ever-changing, and technology driven, I have noticed that many people, including myself at one point, have felt or are feeling lost at 30. Lots of these people are employed with jobs that do not fulfill them in any way- not physically, mentally or spiritually.

And yes, THEY.ARE.JUST.JOBS but this can greatly affect people not just at 30 but at any age.

I mean a job takes up a considerable portion of your life!

So if you are feeling lost/dissatisfied with your life right now at 30, or any age, just remember: you are not alone.

Also, it’s okay. Just read on.

Let me tell you why I think it is perfectly normal to feel lost right now and how technology might be a contributing factor to this

There seems to be a growing trend of people in their 30’s, even 40’s that are coming out and telling me that they are not feeling fully satisfied in life, not satisfied with their work….

I have witnessed this dissatisfaction several times with people and it makes me wonder- why is it that so many are feeling lost?

It makes me ponder- why is it that so many are feeling lost?

Evolving Technologies and the rate of speed that it is evolving

I finally figure out how to use all options on my new cell phone and another newer version comes out. I purchase a TV, learn how to hook up my Roku, surround sound and figure out how to access Netflix and then I realize that the time I took during those 2 weeks another lighter, cooler TV came out with more options (almost literally). Jobs are getting replaced and nearly every form of social existence is being streamlined and packed into a digital form.

Just like the replacement of everyday household/lifestyle products, jobs are getting replaced and nearly every form of social existence is being streamlined and packed into a digital form.

I remember sitting down with my parents many moons ago to purchase the internet. Not kidding. We physically went into a physical space to purchase the internet.

Also, there are people alive today that grew up without the internet.

Depending on your generation you might not know this.


What I am trying to say is that not too long ago the internet was a funny word and as the years go by we are rapidly compounding in new emerging and improved technologies that are happening quicker than we are evolving. This is making it a bit scary for some, thrilling for others.

The reality of this- if you are not comfortable with technology than you better start getting used to it because this is no longer in the future- tech is now. I know several people in their 40’s who can’t even handle email money transfer let alone figuring out how to maximize their own personal brand via various online methods including SEO, keyword search, analytics, etc.

So, adaptability here is key. And those who are unable to adapt are feeling the effects- and this is the case for some as to why they are feeling lost.

And it is not that people mean to fall behind or “miss the boat”… it just sort of happened. Because the rate that technology has and is evolving is at a much faster rate than it has been ever before.

Less Authentic Personal Time With Others Probably Doesn’t Help…..

You could also blame technology for feeling “lost” based on something else that is also lacking, true human connection. We all have our own unique personal struggles because guess what, we are human. Sometimes it is nice to know that you are not alone in whatever stage you are at.

People are only posting on social media what they want to display, and not necessarily the exact true story. And that’s fine if that is what they want to do- it’s their own personal choice. But as we are becoming more cut off socially and we continue to base our truths only off of social media as to how our lives should be, we are also failing to recognize the other side of the coin. This recognization typically comes from personal interactions which help us to connect with others and show our more vulnerable and authentic sides of being human.

By living your life based on only what you see via social media you might be feeling lost or dissatisfied when you have no reason to at all- the reality is pretty much everyone has their own struggles no matter how perfect things may seem.

The Reality of Technology and the Work Place

Faced paced times right now- technology replacing jobs, efficiency and productivity are pushed and the sad reality is that majority of employees are unhappy with their current work situation.

I see it a lot with people my age- the generation that was brought up thinking that if you “go to school, get a good job and work hard” you would reap the benefits. Now only to discover that the truth is, jobs are getting replaced by technology and the career that many people went to school for, got into student loan debt for and planned 5 years or more of their life around it for… well they are discovering that their job will be replaced with technology. Their life plan is ruined.

And for others, maybe their job is not yet going to be replaced with technology but technology has shown them that they crave a different life… a life of freedom and leisure. Without having to show up at a 9-5 work situation.

Heavy demands and financial burdens are something that I feel do contribute towards overall dissatisfaction in life- I know that there are people who feel stuck at a job that they don’t want to do, being somewhere they don’t want to be, but feeling like there are no other options .

The sad reality is that this rings true for many.

So, what can you do?

Take a deep breath and relax… it might not be all that bad.

I personally love technology, I love learning it and I love the advancements that it has brought.

You won’t beat this game changer- so don’t fight the inevitable.

The truth is there are always options. It is more about if a person it open to these options, able to see the options or just so sick of their current situation that they have reached a certain mental health threshold which borders between workplace personality separation and complete insanity. *Partly joking but honestly, employment mental health issues are real.

In my opinion, it is completely normal to “feel lost” at any age, not just in your 30’s.

The reality is that you can still go to work to pay your bills if it does not bring you joy, but if you start now, and start planting little seeds of joy for the future based on your true desires/strengths/and inner guidance, you never know how tall the seeds you planted might grow.

My suggestion is to not fight it but go with it- be in the flow. Start learning to adapt if this is an issue for you. Know that if you are reading this right now on your personal laptop then you have more opportunity surrounding you than many and you have access to literally thousands if not millions of opportunities right at the tips of your fingers.

If you are feeling lost right at this very moment you do have options (be thankful that you have options).

Continue to do nothing (that is an option) or start finding your way.

And then maybe ponder on this additional thought -could the joy be in the actual journey of discovery itself?

I have just pointed out one aspect behind feeling lost. Does this resonate with you? Let me know your thoughts! What other struggles and challenges are you faced with?


2 thoughts on “Feeling Lost at 30- Can Technology Help or Hinder? You Decide.”

  1. I liked this post, I firmly agree that there is no fighting the tide of technology and that it’s become/becoming a a huge player in our evolution by connecting us globally. I think a lot of dissatisfaction that comes from technology revolves around that same principle, because we are so much more connected than we’ve ever been we are able to share more of our lives with each other… naturally people want to show them selves having fun in life (posting cool experiences, sharing comical pictures, etc..) but the problem here (for me) is that it can be hard to see these kinds of things without longing for the same. It’s important to remember that while technology and social media may provide windows into the lives of others, you can’t compare their highlight reel to your your behind the scenes and expect a similar film.

    1. Hi Kendall! Thank you for your comment 🙂 Did you know that depression and social isolation are on the rise considerably (especially with the millennial generation). I do believe that it stems from feeling “inadequate” or “not enough” based on what you mentioned. I am sure that for many people who spend time on social media scrolling through the feed and seeing others taking vacations, falling in love, etc.etc. it can make them feel less than if they too do not “have those things that everyone else has”. They are not understanding that social media CAN also be a built up false reality backed by marketing efforts/egos/etc. I am not saying that it is a bad thing for people to post exciting, memorable, and happy moments in their lives. In fact, quite the contrary! BUT- you are SO RIGHT when you say “you can’t compare their highlight reel to your behind the scenes and expect a similar film”. I hope more people understand this reality and know that everyone has their own unique challenges regardless to if they share or post them or not!

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