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Feeling Your Feelings – The Key to Healing the Heart

I’ve had a busy year.

This week is absolutely no exception with a sharp curveball that got thrown into the mix unexpectedly.

And such is life.

I think that it is important to address not only all the joys and wonderful things in my life- (as there are so many!) but also be authentic and real with you about all the ups and downs that I still face.

That being said, this is still a somewhat ambiguous post- which is funny because I am usually apparent with my writing but well, hey- guess you should subscribe to my private posts then (juicier stuff will be in there, just enter your email in the subscribe box on the right-hand side when you scroll down).

What came up for me from this “abrupt interruption” is the importance of something that I can take to share with you- and it is the importance of really feeling your feelings when things come up.

It is fair to say that in life, things will come up for all of us that will provoke certain “unpleasantries” aka feelings that are uncomfortable, and that may even break or hurt your heart.

In the past, I did not deal with these feelings properly- I would push them aside, or use a variety of avoidance techniques that I used to cope with what I felt I could not deal with, want to face or understand.

After doing consistent and focused self-work that the past few years, the growth that I have experienced show up in moments like these. As an observer, I am now able to understand and see how I would have reacted/acted differently in the past than how I do now.

And you know what I have realized?

Feelings, “good” or “bad” are apart of life- and they must be properly felt.

To truly feel enriched I must be able to accept and experience all facets of emotions- from grief and sadness to joy.

And as wonderful and “easy” it is to experience joy,

alternatively, I must face the reality that I may experience other feelings too.

Uncomfortable feelings.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Last night I really sank into my feelings- feelings of sadness, grief, and loss.

This time, I was able to go down a different path- a path much different than I have gone down before.

I did not hide from it.

I chose to not distract myself from it.

Nor did I sweep it underneath the rug and pretend everything was okay.

In fact, I cried and cried …

I sunk into it.

I got really comfortable with it.

It seemed that there was a point when my very own pain embraced me with a hug…

kinda crazy right?

But that’s just it- it was almost like a shiatsu massage- the pain was deep and real but… it kinda felt good.

Because I knew that by experiencing that pain in the moment I would feel much better later.

And it is so true.

I woke up with puffy swollen eyes.

But I felt better.

Much better.

After releasing the pain the healing can now begin….

And so it does…..


I’d love to hear any comments or what this brought up for you! Please share your insights below 🙂

Love & Light xo




6 thoughts on “Feeling Your Feelings – The Key to Healing the Heart”

  1. hi this is great stuff. l am one of those people who stumble and fall most of the times and l am happy that this has helped me to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

  2. Well, this could be helpful. I will try this. I hate to be left with swollen eyes and stuffy nose and wouldn’t you know it, I often feel emotional about something that just happened, at days end, so have to lay down and can’t breath. So picking a time to grieve might not always be possible, but I have heard that watching a sad movie and taking a day off to do this and experience grieving about whatever is hurting you, is actually beneficial. Tears, by nature, are healing, as they fall and relieve the terrible pressure of holding back behind our eyes! I just do not know how to eventually get past some of the things I am grieving about. Relief from the pressure of tears is one thing, but actual healing, I do not fully understand or experience. I will let your words sink in, a little more. This is going to be timely for those experiencing loss in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes and fires, ravaging the USA and other things going on around the world. Thank you, Lynne

    1. Hi Lynne, thank you for your thoughtful post. It is quite timely, isn’t it? Sending love to all those affected. I feel that loss brings new beginnings, that being said it can still be painful, challenging, and quite hard to move through for many.

  3. I am so glad that I found a page where someone is speaking openly about their feelings. I have so many friends and family that want to put aside all their feelings and just live on. I think that might work for a while but eventually, that will catch up with them. That’s not healthy, right?
    I want to see more of your page but first wanted to comment on such a wonderful post. I will tell some of my friends and family about your site, perhaps you can talk some sense into them. Good luck.
    You did not mention faith in your post. It is so important to me. Don’t you think that also plays a large part in healing? Can’t wait to see more of your site and hear from you again. Thanks

    1. Hi Bobby- faith totally helps! Thank you for pointing this out! I feel like faith is something underlying and is always there for me…. that I sometimes forget to even mention it! All the best to you and thank you for enjoying my blog!

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