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Find Out Your Passion

Finding your passion is can be a daunting task for some and easier for others….

From personal experience, I think I over complicated the whole matter. After years of searching I finally discovered that it was sitting right under my very nose….for the rest of you out there still trying to “figure it out”, it doesn’t need to be complicated, overwhelming or stressful if you just put your focus on the following:

What did you enjoy as a child?

If you go back to when you were young, what naturally brought you joy before the pressures of growing up, life, expectations etc. kicked in? You might want to revisit some of those things.

For example, when I was younger I loved to create, I was always being a little entrepreneur and I had created my own little newspaper and magazine for awhile too 🙂 This very much translates into what I am doing today- I have my online blogging and I get to create what I want in ways that make me feel like I am utilizing my personal creativity and self expression.

I also remember having my own cooking show- which is interesting because I am starting up my YouTube channel!

What do you naturally gravitate towards?

What are your current interests already? Is it food? Health and Fitness? Cars? All of those things?

I literally remember when it hit me like a ton of bricks discovering that my passion is health/fitness/wellness/personal development. I was on the phone in the middle of a Real Estate related phone call (for those who do not know I used to be in Real Estate) and I remember looking around me, I was dealing with “another situation” and I noticed all of the self development books that surrounded me. And then I looked at the number of Real Estate books I had- minimal.

It resonated with me.

It got me to do some deeper thinking and some more self reflection, and that is when I decided to study hypnotherapy (as I had my own positive experiences with it) which led me onto this new path… and here I am! Total coles notes version but let me know if you want the longer version.

Start with a wide net and then narrow it down- if you want!

Have fun exploring and discovering what you like/dislike- if you don’t try it how do you know? As mentioned above I discovered that my passion was self development. But within that I am also interested in the human mind, health and fitness and overall wellness… I have other interests and passions too. I am spiritual I love tarot cards… and lots of other still you will find hanging out in my blog and on my channel. Nobody said you can only have one passion or you need to be totally sure and pick just one thing and be so precise.

And if somebody said that then… just toss that idea out the window and stick with mine- it’s much more fun =p

What books are you reading?

Again, with my own personally discover case in point chances are if you are drawn to a particular part of the bookstore or even types of websites it might be a clear sign that you are interested in something. I know that for some this is a simple fact- but it totally floated over my head for several years.

Surely I cannot be the only one.

What are you good at?

If you are naturally inclined to be good at something, chances are you will enjoy it more. Plus maybe there is a reason why you are naturally good at it- perhaps these natural gifts are meant to be shared with others. Like anything, true mastery takes time, patience, and practice. Unless you can quantum jump… I can do a post on that at some point.

Anyways, if you open your eyes to what you can do it might show up in the most interesting of ways- for example I am a natural “intuitive cooker” in such that I never bother with recipes or if I do I just follow them for ideas. Not everyone is good at doing that. SO… I am thinking I should do some videos on YouTube and have a little cooking show happening. See how that happened?

The bottom line…..

The more that you go down the path of self discovery and self awareness, the easier it will be to know what brings you joy, fuels your being and gives you purpose. You will be able to uncover your passion, or passions.

But also just remember that it is okay to be in a place of not knowing yet- enjoy the journey. Explore, play, have fun. This lifetime is short so don’t take it too seriously.

12 thoughts on “Find Out Your Passion”

  1. What a thought provoking post! I find I tend to cycle through my different interests, some things I may do non stop for years, others weeks or months, and then I tend to have a break and pursue other passions. I always know now, if I’m not doing something I love, I’ll eventually get back to doing it. I’ve tried establishing a routine with my different interests, but I find especially with creative pursuits it’s hard to get into it if you are only doing it because ‘it’s time to’ rather than because we feel like it. Do you ever fear committing to a passion and then not feeling passionate about it and it becomes mundane, or is that just me?!

    1. Hi Angela, I actually totally know what you mean! I took up acrylic painting, guitar, etc. etc. in the past but haven’t really stuck to them fully although I do enjoy them. What I have noticed though is that what has stayed constant is my desire to play and create, and my strong interest in personal development and wellness. Just go with it, have fun- go with how you feel rather than feeling like you have to do anything! I have no fears about committing to my passion (personal development/wellness) because… it just is… it is natural… in the flow… do you know what I mean? I hope I have articulated myself properly! Oh and PS I am in my 30’s and I have just figured all of this out recently so…

  2. I totally love this post on ‘passion’. It’s as if you read my mind. For so long I have always asked myself…what am I good at? What should I be doing at this point in my life? Every time, I keep re-examining myself over and over again..sometimes I tell myself okay if you love doing this why not start a business in this and so on… This post resonates with me. At this point in my life, I am gradually beginning to explore resources around me and give it my best shot so that I can achieve what I really want. Thanks again for such a usegul post.

    1. Hi Bea, all the best on your exploration journey and I love how you are exploring. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your journey! Also, feel free to check our something that I have been working on myself- it is called “Journey to Joy”.

  3. This post really resonates where as I truly believe we need to feel fulfilled in our lives and order to do that we need to pursue our passion.

    I currently am trying to find the balance beween pursuing my passion and making a career out of it. It is tricky but I know in the end it will be so rewarding and fulfilling. When those two are met then we can excel in our career and in our lives in general.

    1. Hi Dawna, I am excited for you. It is awesome that you have discovered your passion- and it is within the holistic wellness field am I correct? I am interested to know when and how you first discovered or uncovered your passion- or if you knew all along?

  4. Yes this is really excellent – As said I always wondered why am I not getting my job done right. Now I knew because as you said my interests are in a different field and got dragged here due to circumstances. But as you said even smaller things I come across I can make it into an passion slowly where I can switch my career in to this passion. Thanks for this post and this was an awakening post for all who lost their passion and working towards something they are not passionate about. Thanks Much.

    1. Hi Manasir! I am so happy to hear that the post resonated so well with you. I can totally understand how it feels to be uninspired with what you are doing for work currently- I used to feel like that too. Let me know how it goes for you on your road to discovery! Another tip that I find helped me was having a regular practice each morning or evening that allowed me to relax and gain further insight or clues from my inner knowing. Do you currently practice something like that?

  5. This is an excellent post! You are truly following your passions. I’m really struggling with the whole ‘what should I be doing with my life’ thing. I know what my passions are but I don’t really know what I’m good at…at least not what I’m good enough at to make a living. Sometimes I feel that maybe how a person earns a living doesn’t necessarily align with passions and most of us need to accept that reality. Maybe only a lucky few get to have it all, spending the day doing something engaging and fulfilling AND make money doing it. Most of the time I just feel torn between what I ‘should’ be doing and what I like doing.

  6. Hi Andrea Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.
    You make me think hard about my passion. How come you find your passion under your nose, that’s really awesome. I don’t think I can find one under my nose.
    I like best your statement here ” This lifetime is short so don’t take it too seriously”.
    I believe that ” Life is short for wrong job” That’s why I jumped from one country to another, from one state to another state, from one major to another major, from one job to another job. Everything!
    Perhaps, I would stop jumping only If I found my passion.
    Do you have any suggestion about my situation.
    I bookmark your site and will come back for more tips.

    1. Hi Maun, thanks for your reply. This post has had a lot of interest and response! You and the others who have let comments have inspired me to put together a resource (a free pdf) for people wanting to dig a bit further into this topic. It should be able to help you. I should have it done in 1 week!

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