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Are You Needing Inspiration? & First Vlog for 2018!

I need to ask you a question- seriously- are you inspired?

Unfortunately for many, the answer is no.

Going through the motions of getting up, sitting traffic, going to work, doing errands and taking care of what “needs to get done” may occupy enough of your life that it leaves little space to even think about finding inspiration.

This being said, inspiration comes from so many places- people, circumstances…..

You can find inspiration-or it can find you, at any given moment even when you might least expect it.

In my last post, I spoke about how the year has started off somewhat “rocky” and I am feeling pretty blessed that despite this I have been incredibly inspired this week in multiple ways.

Sometimes life hands you random gifts.

We can often take these gifts for granted if we don’t realize that we have received them.

I have been doing a lot of “shifting” lately and I have really enhanced my awareness in all aspects of myself and in my life taking more time to recognize a lot of the “little things” that are true gifts that have come to me whether it be by chance or fate.

It all started off with a book…….

Enter in, life’s random gift at a random time!

They can come in all forms- for me, yesterday, I was given a gift of inspiration in the form of a book. I was meeting up with a girlfriend for lunch and I decided to take a bit of a walk and wander on my way to the restaurant.

I randomly went to a bookstore without any intention to purchase and ended up buying 5 books (go figure).

One of those books is titled ” The Crossroads of Should and Must” by Elle Luna. It is not a heavy read but rather a light, artsy book compiled of bit and pieces of clever and authentic content.

This book inspired me to work on something that I needed to share with a friend… which led to even more inspiration….

Synchronicities, Unfoldment… so much more excited things to come. Let the magic begin!


Check out my unedited FIRST “chit chat” style VLOG below whoot!!

I am still really trying to figure out editing with IMovie BTW so any tips are appreciated lol…

I just wanted to touch on the fact that inspiration can come from so many experiences, places, books, people, and even things- and it only takes one thing that can rekindle that creative flame inside.

Drop me a comment below!

What inspires you?


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