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Fitness Goals and Eating Disorder Recovery

These are my own views and opinions which I am not passing off as treatment, and it is recommended that you consult with a healthcare provider before starting any fitness routine .

So I know there is a whole thing with setting fitness goals, having fitness goals, idealization of goal physiques, etc. It can become really unhealthy- obsessive. I was there once too. But I am writing today about setting healthy fitness goals- because fitness is apart of living a healthy life. Fitness isn’t the issue but rather how we look at fitness and incorporate it into our daily life. You will notice a pattern here in my posts- a lot of this is changing the way we look at things, and sustaining a healthy mindset.

Do What You Enjoy

Hours on a treadmill? No thanks.

Running around on the tennis court working on my rally and form or hiking one of Kelowna’s beautiful mountains? Yes please! Fitness should not be used as punishment or torture for “sticky burning off calories”. I remember being on the treadmill and focusing on the number of calories that were being burnt. What kind of a life is that? Getting out, breathing in the fresh air with the sun hitting my shoulders (btw I SPF 100 my face these days) nature is so healing. Learning to enjoy moving our bodies for the very fact that we can move them in the first place- this is how it can be and what we want to strive towards.

Mindful Movements

Yoga, breath work- this is sort of a continuation from my point above. Learning to enjoy your body for what it can do and what it does. Having appreciation for our body and how much it does for us. This is easy to take for granted but gratitude can easily be reincorporated into any routine. I plan to do a guided mediation on this so I will put it in here when it is ready.

Focus on True Fitness Goals

I had been focusing on the wrong numbers- instead of counting the number of pushups that I could do or how long I could hold a plank I was focused on the number on the scale. My current fitness goals are: Getting out for a bit every day (so I try to get out a bit each day, no length of time, I just go by feeling), X number of jump ropes, working on headstand inversion and splits as well as balance and flexibility goals, etc.

Non Comparison Practice

Working on non-comparison has its own set of challenges. There is a fine balance between striving for more versus comparing yourself and thinking that you “are not good enough until you get there” mentality. Right now with the closing of gyms I am not doing any weight training and I am not in a space where there are others- also can be known as a comparison space. Comparison space can be found in gyms/other environments where you are able to easily compare yourself to someone else. When I do go there I will compare my weight training program to myself- so what I mean by that is I don’t look over at the other person to see how much they are lifting and or how much more definition they may or may not have. I just work on what I can lift. Whatever that is. I breathe as I life. Gradually over time I get stronger.

Not Overdoing It

It can be easy to keep on doing it- and then overdoing it- and then it becomes unhealthy. We want to avoid this. Be gentle with yourself. Strive for balance. Keep a healthy mind. Feeling like you NEED to work out every single damn day for hours is not healthy, WANTING to get out and at times dragging yourself into nature to make sure you are doing something regularly is more the ‘vibe’ I am going for.

What about you?! Have you set up fitness goals for yourself in ED Recovery?

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