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Happy 2020 – & all that other stuff….

I have been meaning to do a post FOREVER now…. SINCE LAST YEAR.


I always like to use that line in between one year to the next….


I guess I should get you all caught up- I had a baby ( a beautiful and healthy 7 pound girl- blessed) and have been doing the whole motherhood/parenting thing.

How have I adjusted? One might ask- particularly if you have been following the blog for some time now.

VERY WELL. (I actually can’t believe how well).

Having a baby is essentially, for me, the same except for a little (okay, a lot) less sleep and the fact that I am now responsible for another human being. I have, of course, had the luxury of being self employed for many years- so I think because of that it doesn’t feel at like like my life has turned upside down.

Aria (my daughter) got her immunization shots last week…. or maybe it was the week before that? All the weeks and days blend into one… so the shots…they were (dare I say it) a bigger battle to deal with then my pregnancy itself… I just wasn’t sure if I should go with my beloved granola moms out there who are wise to question what is getting injected into their babies tiny bodies or trust the government public health system in what they recommend… hmmm…

Anyways, she got all her shots- she now can’t ever be “labeled as a carrier” and now we can move on.

So it’s been a few months, I feel well adjusted, (SHOUT OUT TO MY AMAZING BOYFRIEND WHO LETS ME SLEEP!) and now it’s time to get back to my blog and a few other things that I have on the 2020 agenda.

I feel like life is going fairly well, and I am *thinking* about opening up my blog to other writers who want to write about their journey as they work on becoming the best version of themselves… I would still be writing too of course, but have other writers would create more variety.

This blog, if you haven’t already noticed, seems to slightly resemble my diary entries (which are non-existent)…. but if I had a diary I would likely write similarly to what I seem to post here. As I toss around ideas as to what to make of the “yourbestbeing” space… I will just come here to authentically write. That’s it. If any other writers care to join me, please connect with me at or

I hope to write again soon…. I really wanted to come on here and do a quick post and get back into the rhythm of writing.

.. Until the next post…


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