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Hay House – A Self Development Junkie’s Best Friend

Louise Hay is the founder of Hay House which puts out books, courses, seminars, and other products all pertaining to self-growth and development. I am a huge fan of Hay House products because I seem to gravitate towards any books/learnings and regularly apply what tools and principals that I have learned.

Because I personally use and love several of her products- (let’s just put it this way; if it is a Hay House Product it is quality in my own opinion) I wanted to share with you a few links and show you in the video that I will be adding soon below some of my favourite products that I use regularly and keep around my home 🙂

Hay House products that have, and continue to… change my life!

The content really resonates with me and it is very enjoyable/insightful/inspiring/motivating/captivating- I have seen shifts in my life based on changes that I have made from learnings within the products that I use.

Go to the You Can Heal Your Life website or the Hay House Products website to see the resources available.

Some of the books/products that you I use regularly are:

Ask and it is Given

Akashic Records

Goddess Guidance Cards – check out cards here

You Can Heal Your Life

The Silva Method *not sure if the course is still available…

There are several other products that I have used, but the above mentioned are my absolute favorites!!

It is important to me to only mention products that I truly believe in and that I have found useful myself 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed learning about what has helped my in my own journey to personal healing and joy.

Let me know about your own personal experiences with Hay House products!!

1 thought on “Hay House – A Self Development Junkie’s Best Friend”

  1. I am all about self growth and development, but haven’t heard about Hay House products. I appreciate that you only recommend product you have personal experience with and can truly stand behind. I can’t wait to check out some of the Hay House products you recommended!

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