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Healthy Food Swap Ideas – Enjoy Your Favourites the Healthy Way!

I am excited to share a few of my healthy food swap ideas with you today. A lot of these recipes also have a higher protein ratio than their less healthy counterparts- which is great for maintaining lean muscle mass and metabolic function.

See how you can enjoy these classic favourites while maintiaing a healthy lifestyle


Instead of using a regular crust, just use whole wheat tortilla shells, or make mini pizzas with sweet potato as the base. The idea that I am presenting to you here is: swap out the base for something better. There is also the option of cauliflower crust but if you are looking for something quick and simple, I definitely recommend using a while wheat tortilla.

Just put toppings on like usual (try chicken, veggies and swap cottage cheese and goat cheese to replace regular cheese) and heat in a 370 degree oven (oven times and temperatures range) and voila, enjoy!!


Try spiralized vegetables such as zucchini instead of pasta- this being said I do not think that pasta is a bad option if you want to have it, just try to opt for a whole wheat version or try the ones that add in vegetables and quinoa. There are just so many options available right now with pasta that are healthier than just the traditional white pasta that I grew up with. Careful with the sauces- that is what will get you.

Creamy Dressings

Opt for greek yogurt instead of sour cream. If you MUST have sour cream you might want to try the lactose free sour cream because it has less sugar (obviously because the lactose has been removed and lactose is the sugar in dairy).

Cottage cheese is a salad dressing- check out my Khale Salad here!! (This post will be edited again in the next few days with a link so check back again to get more info).

Ice Cream

Protein Ice Cream! You need the magic bullet blender for this one.

Add in protien powder and a bunch of ice with a bit of dairy free beverage (almond milk, coconut milk is my go to).

Blend and enjoy!

Again, I will the actual recipe inserted into here shortly so check back soon….


What are some of your favourite healthy food swaps? What do you think of mine?

1 thought on “Healthy Food Swap Ideas – Enjoy Your Favourites the Healthy Way!”

  1. Some brilliant ideas here especially the sweet potatoe pizza base, I’m loving that idea and I’m going to try it tomorrow with my children.
    Thanks for the handy tips on alternative foods

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