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How to be a Good Person – 3 Simple Reminders

These are some of my insights on how to be a good person- simple principals and you can take them or leave them. I invite you to take these straightforward reminders with you on your journey in life.

3 Point Reminders:

Want the Best for Others

Want things for people that you want for yourself. There is no “piece of the pie” given to somebody that has been taken away from somebody else. If someone gets what they want it doesn’t make the chances of you getting what you want any lower. This world is expansive and limitless. Also, for all you sickos out there, someone’s suffering should never make you feel better about yourself.

Have Appreciation

Regardless as to the circumstances and outcome of any situation, try and find appreciation for it- any enjoyment you can take from it, what you learned and how you grew. Think about what you do have and focus on it rather than thinking of what is missing. If you are moving forward from a relationship then take the time to appreciate that connection for what it was and honor it.

Be Understanding

I didn’t say settle for less than you want or need, or take anyone’s BS, but just know that everyone has their own points of views, paradigms, the way they understand, experience, and interpret their own life. It is okay if it is not the same as yours. Have an understanding of other peoples point of view, although it might be different than yours, it comes from their own experiences that have shaped them into who they are today- just like you.

Just apply those 3 points and voila! You are instantly a good person!

Now I am not saying that those three points are going to be always easy to apply, especially given certain situations. I am simply providing you some tools to work on shifting your perspective to increase your overall quality of life.

Do you have anything you would like to add? Anybody have experiences with these points?

8 thoughts on “How to be a Good Person – 3 Simple Reminders”

  1. Hi Andrea,

    I have read through your blog filled with great information. Thanks for sharing this very interesting material. I have always been fascinated by hypnotism, hypnotherapy, etc.

    I am also sharing this particular article on my Facebook account because I feel that more people should know about it.

    I wish you the very best and I look forward to reading your future publications.

    Best wishes,


  2. Thanks for pointing out these 3 topics.
    These should actually be every day life habits.
    It all boils down to respect for others and in return will stir up respect from others.
    I can totally relate.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for this reminder. I know that I struggle to be nice to people that I work with because I have seen their negative sides…many, many times.

    However, you are right. Being kind to others does not take away anything from me, and in an effort to be a better person, I will work harder on being nice just for the sake of being a nice person! It can be hard to break bad habits, but it is always worth it!

  4. Wow what an article I you should continue to spread this fantastic word help make the world a better place. I also think that this article should be in bedded in to some schools to remind youths how they should look at life and behave.

  5. Hi Andrea,

    I love the three points you have here. I feel so much better about myself, my friends and the world in general when I follow those three steps. Every morning, on my way to work, I think of all the things I am grateful for. Then I concentrate on how I can be useful to others since I work at the front desk of a hotel, I need to be in that mindset before I get to the job. Again, working at a hotel, I need to be understanding to my guests and their needs. I feel so much better whenever I have been able to help a guest with anissue and they thank me for my help.

    1. Hi Andrew, a simple thank you goes a long way doesn’t it? I love how you have a “consistent ritual for gratitude” each day on your way to work. What a great way to live your life- with the mindset of providing service and value to others. The hotel is very lucky to have you, and so are the guests that you cross paths with each day.

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