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How to Live a Better Life – Enhance Your Space

The idea that your environment and surroundings can encourage and foster higher levels of positivity in your life may not come as a surprise- but the task itself can seem daunting, or something that you may want to “push off until later”.

I have spend the last little while enhancing my space, and I have all sorts of ideas and tips that I have learned that I would like to share with you.

The Importance of Loving Your Space

I am a firm believer that if you are not surrounded by that in which you love, or if your place is cluttered, a mess- and you wake up every day hating your environment then it is not going to set you up for the day in a positive way. And listen, I get it. Some things are less than ideal- I have been dealing with an unfinished kitchen for awhile now (due to some interesting events which should be sorted out soon, I hope all will be done by September 1st FINALLY) and I have yet to make desired changes before the baby comes so I will probably have to live with a few things that I would like to change, but such is life. The main elements are that I live in a clutter free, clean and emotionally/mentally appealing space that caters to me having a “feel good” vibe- and this is what I invite you to explore for yourself.

What Are You Holding On For?

As my boyfriend and I merge our households, it has become distinctly apparent that A) we will need to get another place in about 1-2 years of our own with more rooms, and B) he is a typical male who has held onto a lot of unnecessary stuff for who knows how long. As I have been living the clutter free lifestyle for quite some time, it was interesting to go through the process with him again- well, sort of. He dealt with his stuff, but I was there to monitor the amount being purged and encourage him to donate or trash it if he didn’t love it. I mean, do you really need a two food processors, three blenders, a juicer AND a Ninja? *Please note that I have only seen him use the Ninja since I have known him*.

I really can’t fully talk- I do have a slight issue still with keeping clothes that I should probably donate- but in my defence, there are many times that items I haven’t worn in a year have somehow come back into my outfit circulation.

Anyways, if you are dealing with clutter it would be the first place to start when you are looking to enhance your space. I find that clearing things in stages can be useful- you may want to check out my other post here. But yes, deal with that clutter. I recommend also reading books by Marie Kondo or any books on feng shui to get you in that mindset.

*One thing I do wan to mention is that I am not a “true minimalist” however I do prefer to live life with quality over quantity. I do not like to hold on to items that I do not love, and take inventory accordingly every 6-12 months.

Everything Has a Home

Oh, you know that age old saying that everything has a home? Well it rings true for me. Once you have all the stuff you love- you put it back in an organized way. I personally spend time to appreciate each item. Personally, I love to appreciate and cherish the items I have an make sure there is enough space for items to “breath”.

New and Improved

If you are considering doing some aesthetic changes, this can be broken down into simple changes such as decor, furniture, wallpaper, rearranging furniture, etc or larger changes such as actual renovations. Of course, you can do not-so-permanent changes if you are renting and this area will vary depending on everyones individual circumstances. That being said, it is amazing what a little paint, furniture and home accessories can do with a space.

The Outside Counts Too

Don’t forget that your exterior and yard are also important. If you live in a condo you can dress up your front door with a new door mat- and for those of you home owners make sure to focus on maintaining a yard that makes you feel welcomed when you come home. There are ways to have a low maintenance yard if that is more your vibe. Or, you can be like me and hire a company to help you- there is nothing wrong with that. Whatever the case, as you arrive home you want your first feelings to be “I am so happy to be home- I am so grateful for my sanctuary”.

It’s All About How You Feel

The whole purpose of all of this, is to increase the vibration of how you feel. I can guarantee that if you impliment a couple of the ideas that I mentioned above, you will notice a difference in how you feel. If you are interested in self development and looking to work on living your best life, I encourage you to download my self-evaluation workbook below to see where you are at.

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