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How to Live a Life You Love

To live a life you love, you need to know what it is you even want! So often I notice or hear how people are feeling stuck and unclear- and I have completely been in that spot too.

The video above goes over my vision board for the rest of 2019/2020 *quickly, and then I briefly discuss the 12 areas to focus on when you are wanting to get crystal clear with your life. Hopefully you will feel inspired to do a vision board for yourself after watching this video! 🙂

The 12 life areas:

1. Health/Wellness/Fitness

2. Intellectual Life

3. Emotional Life

4. Character

5. Spiritual Life

6. Love & Relationships (including Parenting and Mentorship)

7. Self Love

8. Social Life

9. Financial Life

10. Career

11. Quality of Life

12. Life Vision.

Are there any areas that stand out for you?

I recommend that you sit down in a quiet place/inspirational setting (such as looking out at nature, close to a forest or body water) and close your eyes- feel free to download my free guided hypnotherapy below to start the process. You want to become very present.

Then, just focus on one category at a time, and draw awareness to what comes up as you focus on each of the categories. Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish in this category? What feelings come up for you?

Think about how you may want to improve in any of these areas. Think about what really makes YOU happy- not what you “think” you should want to make you happy in each of these areas. Record your entries as we will go much deeper into these areas in further weeks.

I will write more posts and do more videos on each of the twelve topics- but let me know how you are making out with this so far. Did anything resonate with you during this post? Did anything come up for you during the meditation?

And most importantly- are you feeling inspired to do a vision board??

Let me know! I love to hear your comments. XOX AK

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