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How to Make a To-Do List

I figure that many of you know how to do a to do list, however I’m kicking it up a few notches and showing you how I do my to-do list.

Why do a to do list?

Not only does it prioritize important tasks and goals, it can be beneficial to do a list in multiple areas of your life. I personally find that one I write my list down, mentally I can let it go.

Self confidence is boosted when items get crossed off the list as it shows you productivity and accomplishment.

You can see where you are procrastinating – what you are avoiding, which can provide you with an opportunity to look introspectively and see potential areas for growth.

So this is how I do a to do list:

A. I make a MASTER LIST- this is an ongoing working list that you can use. I start out with macro dialed down to micro-tasks. I make a master list every few months, and then I just make sure to do a few items off that list each day. Even if I am not getting “the full task done” you can see how by doing a few items it all ends up accomplishing the major task at hand.

For example: If an item on my to-do list is “clean my house”, then I expand on that by breaking it down into each room, so that my list looks something like this:

Andrea’s To Do List:

Personal Tasks:

  1. Clean/Organize/ House & Home & Reminders


  • Organze Pantry
  • Get backsplash quote
  • Clean fridge
  • Get new coffee maker
  • etc.

Living Room-

  • Get stain out of couch
  • Wash pillows
  • Vaccuum
  • Toy box for my dog chewy
  • etc.

Exterior Maintenance and Repairs

  • Roof depreciation report
  • New lawn mower
  • check irrigation
  • etc.

The list continues as I go through each room breaking things down. Then I make my way to the next catagory.


  • Visit doctor for prenatal
  • Dental Checkup
  • Chiropractic session
  • Face Cream
  • Decluttler personal email inbox
  • etc.

The above is just an example- I have several other categories including professional- what I am doing is literally getting every little item out of my mind and onto paper. Even simple tiny tasks are put down and therefore will get done which leads to a healthier, happier more productive life!

Feel free to watch my facebook live below, and do a Master To-Do with me!

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