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How to Stop Binge Eating – 5 Very Effective Tips

Binge eating is no stranger to millions- I am currently doing further research on the correlation between the chemicals in food and its relationship to binge eating and bulimia because I strongly believe that additives in foods are creating a chemical manipulation within the brain chemistry leading to further binging/issues surrounding food.  I will most likely discuss my findings in a later post, but for now,

Here are my 5 top tips on how to stop binge eating.

I am not a doctor but these tips that I am passing on are from my own personal experience and have worked well for me. These tips have been proven to be very effective- and I should know because I suffered for many years with Bulimia.

1- Stop Dieting or Restricting Food

This is major. For many years I alternated between not eating and then eating too much (because my body was starving and needing nutrients-DUH, and then feeling guilty and purging – then waking up not eating and repeating the cycle again and again….. and again. Until my body couldn’t handle it anymore and it decided to start hanging onto everything it could. My body has since regulated thankfully, and I feed it adequately of wholesome and fresh foods that are nutrient dense and oh so good! Foods are healing when you choose the right foods to support and truly sustain you.

2. Know Your Triggers

If you know that you are going to eat a whole bag of trail mix or cookies then don’t keep them around. Period. Any specific foods or situations that make it hard for you to maintain control are probably not the best choices to make for yourself. Choose yourself first.

3. Take Control of Your Mind – *Program Coming Soon

What are the voices inside of your head saying to you? Probably not very nice things. Understanding how to harness your mind to be on your side is possible with my personal program that is currently in the works. Make sure that your mental game is strong because where your mind is your body will follow. I am coming up with a hypnotherapy program that will help you:

–  Understand what you are holding onto emotionally that you are not wanting to deal with

–  Learn to practice kind and loving positive self-talk. Be gentle with yourself.

–  Replace habits that are not serving you with habits that do- i.e. instead of watching TV hit the gym!

–  Learn special techniques that will immediately eliminate your desire for “junky” foods.

If you are wanting more information on this program please contact me at

4. Break The Habit

I know first hand that a “binge” can become a habit- almost ritualistic in several ways which are a part of the addiction to it and a large part of the problem. Break the habit and the cycle by either doing a delay tactic (take a longer route to the store before getting food) or take a long walk before (don’t think – just do – get up and go walk before your brain tries to find reasons to stop you).. even have a glass of water. Anything to just delay yourself from binging. During that space you will feel uncomfortable- that is the point. The point is to start to get you to feel those feelings that you are wanting to “stuff down” and “forget”.

5. Discover Your Passions & Start Learning How to Love Your Life

Find out what truly brings you joy! Explore, play, learn and grow. If you are needing a passion and have no idea where to start you can start here and see if it might be something “up your ally”. There is plenty of other things that you can do too. As you spend more time expanding your horizons and doing what you love it will produce more of the “good feelings” that will help to keep you on track

I understand that this can be an up-down-up “battle” but my implementing the tips above and staying focused on wanting to move forward from where you might be right now, you open yourself up to a better life and a much healthier relationship with yourself and with food.

Do you or anyone you know struggle with binge eating, bulimia or any other issues surrounding food?  Please share this post and I would love to hear how these tips worked for you!

4 thoughts on “How to Stop Binge Eating – 5 Very Effective Tips”

  1. Thanks for the tips on combating binge eating. I have a problem with this. I have somewhat improved by only allowing myself one cheat day per week. This day is the only time I allow myself to eat the unhealthy foods I binge on most–cookies, cake, pie, ice cream…

  2. Hello Andrea,
    I love your post! You touch on so many more issues than binge eating or bulimia! I too went through a period where I starved myself and by the time I ate, my body could not keep the food down. It got to the point where I ignored hunger and didn’t eat for days, I just drank water. I ended up at the emergency room collapsed at 98 pounds and I’m 5’6″ tall. That’s not healthy, no matter what body type you have! I was so unhappy and that was the problem. Now I live by the motto, live the life you love, love the life you live. I have simplified my life, gotten rid of possessions that were bringing debt my way and causing me to work all the time at jobs I hated. I will be debt free in about one year. That has taken five years, so trust me, I know, it starts with one tiny decision and one step in one direction! I was so miserable and didn’t want to die, but couldn’t live the way I was living anymore. I felt helpless! I went to therapy and it was useless, even when I told them I didn’t want to live. I had to take my life back and decide to change my mindset. Now I wake up everyday and think of everything I can be grateful for, clean running water, clothes on my back, food, shelter, everything! I don’t know why it clicked one day, it just did and I’m so glad! Your idea about food being addictive is 100% accurate. You will find that more foods than you have ever imagined are addictive and it’s a shame and should be a crime! I couldn’t help noticing the F**K It Therapy, ad on the side of the page! Love it! Can’t believe it wasn’t my invention. Haha! Some things in life are out of your control and that’s exactly what you have to say. Keep doing what you are doing! Love and Light!

    1. Hi Keli, Thank you so much for sharing your personal story! I absolutely love the motto that you live by 🙂 Also happy to hear that you are making such amazing progress in your journey- congrats on taking control of your life and your financial situation!! You have so much to be proud of and your mental game seems strong right now, keep it up!! We seem to share the same philosophies in life, practicing gratitude and really experiencing it each day…. so wonderful to connect with you and all the best to you!! Love & Light xx

  3. Hi, Andrea! I found your post very interesting! Thank you for those great 5 tips. I appreciate your own personal experience! Thanks for sharing what worked well for you with all of us! I think all 5 tips are important, but I consider that the most important is to Discover Your Passions! Have a great day!

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