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How to Use the Law of Attraction for a Positive Life

If you are looking to enhance the way you live, a simple method on how to use the Law of Attraction for a positive life can be found in this post.

What is the Law of Attraction, anyways?

For those of you who are not familiar with the Law Of Attraction, the basic principle behind it is that we attract into our life more of which we put our attention to. So, focusing on lack/negativity attracts more lack/negativity and focusing on abundance and what we have/love/want will create more of that too.

Because you are reading this post to learn more about how to use the law of attraction for a positive life and create more of what you are WANTING, in true “LOA Style” let us just focus on that and get right to it!

Getting Started Simply…

So just how do use the law of attraction for a positive life right this very second? A very simple and very effective method that you can do right now is to practice gratitude.

Look for all the goodness in your life and watch as more goodness starts to appear….

Right at this very moment take out a piece of paper or a journal (recommended) and start writing. Write down 100 things that you are grateful for if you can, you can even start with 20 things today and work your way up by adding more each day.

The Secret Tip That Makes The Law of Attraction Work Fast!

It is most important to FEEL the gratitude as you are writing things down as it is the actual feeling itself that you are wanting to create from the gratitude list.  Whatever feelings that you are feeling within yourself you will attract more of, so by feeling gratitude and happiness you will attract more of it…

BTW- I will be doing another post on learning to feel and will link it here when it is ready.

In Closing: Simply Be Mindful of What You Are Thinking

Here are some additional tips to help you with the practice of the Law of Attraction:

Watch your thoughts- your thoughts produce feelings.

It is your feelings that increase your vibration which in turn increases what you attract.  For example joy attracts more joy, alternatively, worry attracts more worry.

Start by practicing gratitude daily to put yourself in a place of feeling love appreciation and happiness.

Watch as miracles start happening around you!

How did you do with this gratitude exercise? Do you have any personal experience or other questions about the Law Of Attraction? Curious to learn more about my own personal experiences with it? I would love to hear from you – Drop me a comment below!

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