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Hypnotherapy Case Study – Eliminating Foot Pain by Releasing Negative Stored Emotions

I recently did a hypnotherapy session that I would like to share with you because I do believe that majority of what people may be suffering from physically, has a spiritual and/or emotional root cause.

I am going to do this in a very concise case study format, just to get my point across, and I hope to add to this topic further in future posts (and perhaps also within this post).

What is interesting about this over the past is that I had been working with a client ongoing and her subconscious has started to have her “coming prepared” i.e something will “come up” right before the session that will guide us on to what we need to clear.

In this session: A sore foot.

The client had been hiking the day before and finished the hike feeling fine. The next day she woke up and her foot was fine, and later in the day closer toward when we were about to have our session her left foot became very sore, to the point where she was wanting to go to the doctor to get it looked out.

Feet represent moving forward and the theme and direction of our work together very much implied to me that this “sore foot” had a direct correlation to moving forward in a specific area of her life and the fears and anxieties that surrounded the changes that come along with doing so.  I suggested that this might be the case, and the client took this into consideration- although consciously she thought that this was probably something had happened during the hike the day before (Understable).

I worked with the client’s sub-conscious to:

Firstly, confirm that the foot pain was in fact a physical manifestation of stored emotions, and

Secondly, release the stored emotions creating the foot pain through a guided visualization done in a deep trance state.

During our session the client cleared out a lot of emotions that were “holding her back” and her foot did feel better immediately after the session ended. A few hours later her foot pain was completely gone.

“What A Coincidence” some might say.

It is interesting because working with several clients, I am aware that many that first come to see me may not be “complete believers” of just how profound the effects of hypnosis can be. This case study is not the first nor will it be the last case of physical manifestation that I have worked with and came as no surprise to me when she mentioned that her foot felt completely fine shortly after our session.

Not all physical manifestations can be cleared out with one session, but several can.

For more documentation on the powers and effects of hypnosis on the physical body, I would suggest reading “Awakening Intuition” by Mona Lisa Schulz M.D., Ph.D. as she goes into further case studies similar and even more incredible as this recent case that I have just mentioned.

I bring this up because we have been trained to see surfaces issues as the problem- however getting down to the root issue typically helps a person, if willing, to explore themselves with much more depth and self-awareness to make discoveries on what is still holding them back from being at their fullest and best truest selves.

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