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Learning to Let Go – The Benefits of Bodywork

When you keep holding on to what is,

you are unable to shift into the space of what could be.

Now although this is easy to say, learning to let go is an acquired collaborative skill of the body, mind, and soul.

During my recent sessions of doing Hellerwork with the Most Amazing and Gifted Sarah Brown, I have been able to connect deeper with and into my body, which has been an amazing and transformational experience- even after the second session.

As a lover of trying out many different modalities of healing, I am really gravitating towards breath and bodywork, because I (like many of us) have a tendency to spend a considerable amount of time “up in my head”.

Our session today, as well as current life circumstance, has really gotten me attuned to just how much our body can still hold on- even though our minds have told us “we have let go”.

When I wrote my private post from November, titled “Today I Mourn, A Different Style of Celebration” (You must subscribe to get the password to read private posts BTW)  I was able to intellectualize the situation which dealt with the grief and loss that I was experiencing at that time. I thought that I had moved past it but really, I did not give my body enough time to process the emotions and grief that it felt.

This brings me back to the idea that to simply think positive will warrant that will be enough to change all circumstances- I do believe that we (or perhaps many of us, I know this is to be true for me) must properly process before letting go.

Often times we are so “caught up in our heads” that we forget about our body and the signs that it is sharing with us-even screaming at us-for us to listen.

What is your body telling you?

Mine has been telling me that I have been holding on, and together now (because I have finally started to listen) we can let go for real.

It brings me a lot of joy to share this insight with you because I know for many this might be that “golden ticket” to the freedom that you have desired for SO long!



Love, Light, Rainbows & all that jazzy jazz-


(yeah, I’ve switched it up a bit =p)

UPDATE: I have since done another post PLUS a podcast with Sarah on this topic! It can be found here.

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