Lies, All Lies – Are You Apart of The Scandal?

Have You Been Lying To Yourself?

Feeding yourself blatant lies?

Don’t Lie to Yourself Still & Tell Yourself That You Don’t.

I have had a keen focus within the realm of self-development for many, many- MANY- years and I still catch myself lying to myself ALL THE TIME.

Majority of us do – on the daily- feed ourselves with lies, all lies.

Mostly, it is the lies that we tell ourselves- the constructs of our minds that push us down and pull us apart.

So just how exactly are we all involved in such a scandal one might say…

We lie to ourselves constantly by believing our thoughts are true.

Thus, the Introduction of today’s concept:

Just Because You Have A Thought, Doesn’t Make It True.

Let me tell you something…

We are constantly being led astray with thought patterns and belief systems that are not serving us.

Unless we learn to question our thoughts and evaluate what the heck we are telling ourselves we can get stuck in the mud – even worse sink like quicksand into the undeniably self-debilitating space of feeling overwhelmed and underproductive. Yes, true- the subconscious mind does have an active role in the scripts running in the background (be sure to check out my hypnotherapy FAQ page here if you want to understand more about hypnotherapy).

But we can actively and consciously participate in reframing the moments where we catch ourselves and recognize- oh shit! In this moment I am having a belief or a thought that is completely not serving me.

Enter into recognizing the following:

We have been shaped by past events, circumstances, and our own emotional armoring- for most of us this has been going on for years, decades even.

I recently dove further into this theory after reading Bryon Katies’s Book titled “I Need Your Love- Is that true?” I read the book because the concept very much resonates with me.

We have thoughts all day long- but have you ever taken a pause and considered to question those thoughts?

By questioning a thought that comes up it allows us to shift into a space of playing around with that thought to see if it really is even true in the first place.


So, let’s take it back to where you might be at right now

Has there been something that you have been working on?

Tweaking, toying…



There seems to be this huuuuuge misconception that things need to be perfect before they can be shown.

“Perfection” must be reached before you can put that masterpiece you have already worked so hard on out into the world to do the job that it is supposed to do such as teach, inspire… or even just… whatever.. just be there. A piece of you out there for people to see.

Quit Telling Yourself Things Need to be Perfect & Just Take Action.

Want to do that blog post? Post it.

No, I don’t spend hours reviewing and re-editing what I write.

Some bloggers do- good for them. I don’t.

Guess what, my posts are raw and real and completely resonate with many of my subscribers.

I say what I need to say, I get my point across…

I would assume one might appreciate that this is a time saver. I know that I do.

Sometimes I will make a spelling mistake and maybe my grammar isn’t absolutely perfect.


Who cares.

The readers that resonate with me probably don’t give a fk. because that’s just it- I swear in my posts and say fuck so someone who is looking for English literature at it’s finest would most likely not expect that from my posts when I liberally say FUCK.

In Closure, Don’t Believe Those Lies That Are Holding You Back.

The thoughts you get based on other peoples shaped beliefs and even your own…

They are probably not as true as you think thry are- if even slightly true at all.

Give yourself a break.

There is an evolution to building and creating what looks like perfection.

Those who are followng my journey can see it- and watch how I embrace it.

I Choose To Believe That The Universe Is Working For Us, Working To Deliver The Best Possible Outcome

All we need to show up and take action.

Key Words: Take Action

Not get so overwhelmed that we become paralized in fear.

So tell me how you are ready to take some action?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your feedback on this post!

Leave a comment below!!

Love & Light-as always,






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