Life and Blog Update: July 2021

So I’m just going to do running life updates on this page- I am currently launching Lakestone’s latest luxury condominum project- Zara at Lakestone. Essentially, majority of my time will be spend right now on that, and then of course being a mother. This blog has always been a passion project for me, and I am not throwing in the towel on it but will just need to revisit what this will look like for 2022.

YOUR BEST BEING is hiring and also looking for writers so please reach out on my instagram (@andreakellylove) if you are interested in learning more.

To all my faithful subscribers, thank you for your understanding right now and you can look forward to the growth and transition of this site in the next coming years!


Life Update: May 2021

It’s been a minuet, hasn’t it? I wanted to give you a super quick update because I have taken time away from this blog and social.

Where do I start?

Well, everything is going good! Great actually!

Firstly, Aria has made an amazing transition into daycare and I am loving that she is able to gain further independence, meet new friends and have experiences away from the standard “at home with Mom” vibe she was used to.

It also opens up more time for me, to explore and work on creative efforts- as well as get crystal clear on the direction that I want to take this blog…

Fear Less is OUT! And can be ordered through amazon or chapters indigo.

My breast implants are also out- and pathology came back to confirm that the capsule samples sent tested positive for chronic inflammation– AKA- It was the best thing I could ever do for myself right now to get them out.

The realty is, as with life, things are changing. I am open to the next right opportunity to come my way… and in the meantime I am taking it super easy right now- healing, resting… I wonder what creativeness will be coming around the corner?

Drop me a line on instagram so we can connect further and let me know what has been inspiring you lately <3

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