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Life Happens – Exploring the “I Want To But I Can’t” Mentality

As I continue to write without publishing (I have 4 draft posts that I need to go back to another day apparently). I am getting the feeling that I am experiencing what is called the “I want to but I can’t” Syndrome.

Many people experience this currently within an area (or a few areas) of their life. Perhaps you are or have experienced this too, either in an area of your life where specific goals have gone unmet either in the category of health and fitness, wellness, business, relationships or creatively. Maybe this feeling of “wanting” without any achieved outcome comes in cycles or waves.

However it might show up in your life, and regardless as to how you choose to face it,

I am addressing it face on myself. Right Now.

I am sharing my struggle, my challenge, my current block with you not only as a way to organize my own thoughts surrounding this topic, but to encourage you to dive deeper into your own.

The issue is this: I am feeling “inspired by the idea of” but yet cannot quite seem to finish a post. Idea after idea keeps coming at me and I am unable to follow through with the commitment of finishing even one.

Thus the 4 draft posts.

Finding Such Meaning in Life’s Simplicities Really….

There is no space to actually feel frustrated, however, because this there is a lesson to be learned within this that can give me further truth into the inner workings of my being.

I think the beauty of my own inability to finish these posts has created the much-needed reason to create this post in the first place which addresses what I am quite sure of to be a common issue:

Sometimes we may want to do something, but simply put we just can’t.

And more specifically for myself, I am talking about needing to move forward creatively- as an artist, a writer, a creator- and something is…. not fully blocking me but preventing me from finishing my body of work in a way that I feel is appropriate for viewing by other than myself.

I am not the type to just work tirelessly on blog posts.

I mean, these posts are quite informal and typically I have an easy time writing them and then publishing them.

But something is different…..

Enter the Observer.

Instead of getting frustrated, I am putting this post out instead. I am happy to share with you not only the realness of my humanity, but the raw authenticity of what it is like for someone who is starting a blog, and “wants to but can’t”.

Also, you might find that this is in your own life- perhaps like myself it is quite literally staring you in the face, or maybe it is much more subtle showing up in different places, such as in relationships or destructive habits. The idea is the same but it can show up differently for different people.

At the end of the day, if you are feeling like you are unable to accomplish something that you would like to accomplish- and not sure why – then you can either do nothing about it or consider it as a beautiful time to explore who you are even more.

Ain’t no Shame in My Game.

Despite this not being a completely ideal situation, this is a great time for me to explore. I have some questions, such as why. What is preventing me or creating this blockage or resistance to being able to fully create a body of work and share my messages across clearly and easily as I have done several times before?

Is this a common thread?

Is this a pattern for me? What else is going on in my life that could contribute to what is seemingly somewhat of a creative blockage? And are there any other areas of my life that I am not wanting to commit to fully finish my post- is there a correlation?

As a spiritual student, I take nothing for granted.

A lot of you might be thinking ‘Whoa, Andrea! Calm down. Maybe you are just having a day or two of simply just not being able to finish a post”.


But then, how sad that would be to not use the simplicity of such to craft a post like this, that might go on to stir up the minds of others with their own lives.

Perhaps I am just having a day- but honestly, my writing for me is deeper than that and if I am not finishing a post or if I am not able to articulate simple concepts clearly I know that there must be a blockage, I know myself.

POST INSERTION *As it turns out, I had some emotions that needed to be released. And since they have cleared up I have been much better FYI.

Take Aways For You- How Can You Benefit From This Post?

Are there any areas of your life where ” you want to but cant”? Any dreams that lay dormant or to-do lists that are constantly unmet?

Now, this is beyond someone being “lazy”. Below are some possibilities you may want to further explore.

Fear & Resistance

Is fear or resistance to moving forward? In what ways may this be true for you. This is really common although not always apparent in our conscious mind.

Perfectionism and control fall under this too.

Really explore this and see what might come up.

Issues surrounding feeling undeserving, not good enough, afraid to try, the need for safety, etc. are all common barriers.


Not connected to the Universe or to yourself could be interfering with your ability to output properly. In this case, I was disconnected due to emotional blockages which made it hard for me to focus creatively on doing a body of work because I was out of the flow state.

Patience is a virtue

And maybe, just maybe, the timing is not right – like nature, maybe things need to unfold gently. Maybe the time right now is to be in play- seek out adventure and follow your joy!


Did I miss something on this list? Comment Below!





1 thought on “Life Happens – Exploring the “I Want To But I Can’t” Mentality”

  1. Andrea, I too suffer from “I want to but I can’t” Syndrome. It’s more than motivation and its is stronger some days than other.

    The point of disconnection screamed out to me as I find at times of non action, I go reconnect with nature and the universe and find my “flow” comes back. This is also important for my creative juices to flow.

    Love thies read and thanks for sharing.

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