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Life Happens – Finding My Way Back

Sometimes in life, life happens.

And if you have been following my blog, you will notice that life surely has happened in the past few weeks- making it harder for me to stay on track with my online business/goals/creatives.

Ironically, in a previous post, I spoke of how “One makes the time”- which at this point can seem absolutely daunting despite how passionate I truly am with this whole endeavor.

It can be hard to stay on course with any personal or professional goals due to a variety of reasons.

For me, right now I have placed my focus within the realm of Real Estate (for those of you who do not know this, I am also a Licenced Realtor that specializes in project sales) Helping with the launch of a new development ONE Water Street. The launching of this project has eaten up a considerable amount of time these past few weeks and my mindset has been quite focused on that and nothing else.

I have a deep appreciation to be apart of this project and I enjoy project sales because the job itself continues to allow me to follow my passion once free time opens up- the perfect fit for me to contract out on a case-by-case basis rather than needing to fix myself to a long-term commitment.

The lesson learned in the last month is to be okay with not always needing to be “on point” or “balanced”- and sometimes taking space from something will make you appreciate it even more!

Although the goal is to be on point/balanced majority of the time, I am only human.

With this being said, in the past few weeks I have dealt with overworking myself, not cultivating balance (not hitting my workouts, diet not on point, drinking too much alcohol, not spending enough time on passions or this blog… etc).

Guess what, I’m still here and doing okay.

I just need to remind myself what truly matters and shift back into that mode now that more time has opened up again.

Finding out what I am wanting…

After taking some time away from the “online world” – and okay, so it was like 1 week but online world oh how I have missed you!!

I have decided that I need to start vlogging (just ordered a new cam from Amazon yipeee!) and also I need a new computer – this one is on the OUTS as it keeps fading as I typed this…

Just keepin’ it real…

So I am still here- I am here to stay. I might not be posting as frequently for a bit… because I am wanting to put my creative cap on and just figure a few things out.

Keep checking back because I will have some new content coming soon- probably closer to November/December.

I appreciate anyone and everyone who comes to visit and support my blog thus far!!!

Drop me a line whenever- especially if you are a blogger yourself. I would love to hear about your journey, your passions, and your story.






3 thoughts on “Life Happens – Finding My Way Back”

  1. Great Post ! Society demands perfection but it is okay to be imperfect at times to find your balance in life.
    Loved the way you wrote it.

  2. Sometimes it takes time away from something to realize how much you enjoy it. For me, it’s time. Whenever I have free time to myself, I tend to sit around and do nothing and its only when I lose that luxury of time when I realize how many things I wish I would have done. Finding balance in life is definitely no easy task! Great article, Andrea.

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