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Living a Life of Happy – My Own Realizations

Seeking a life that feels enriched and complete amidst the tides of reality is not always easy, but if you are willing to enter into a space of self-responsibility and personal discovery it is completely possible to live a life of true happiness and joy.

I have finally recognized that I am completely living a life of happy- it just sort of happened and it is much different than what I actually had expected. The following shifts are what I have recognized in myself, and more importantly what tools that I have been using to help me get there.


I have true appreciation for everything in my life

I wake up each morning counting my blessings, as soon as I open my eyes I just think about how lucky I am. I have trained my brain to default to this process and it starts the day off wonderfully. I have shifted into such a space of gratitude in fact, that I caught myself feeling grateful for my Starbucks coffee yesterday because they now have almond milk…so if I don’t feel like walking into a local coffee shop (#SUPPORTLOCAL) I can go through the drive thru when I am lazy.

I am finding joy and appreciation in the little things, in the big things, and in literally everything.

This might sound so ridiculous to some of you. I get it, I was there once too. But I have shifted-it was a choice and it does take some effort at first and for me, appreciation has really worked wonders. It has shifted me into defaulting to what is right with everything, instead of what might be “wrong”. I guess when I think about it, living my life in complete gratitude has been very easy for many reasons- there are so many other people that I am sure this would be much harder for.


I have stopped with the mentality that  “I will be happy when…..”

I have realized that I have finally stopped chasing happiness in a sense that I am completely happy with everything in my life as it is right now. I am not waiting to be happy once all my goals and achievements (spiritually, physically, financially) have been met.

I remember when I thought to myself “I will be happy when such and such has happened” or “I will only be happy if I ….”.

For the first time in my life, I truly am enjoying the journey and not focused so much on the destination. 

For me, this is a HUGE shift!


I live life more as an observer,  and I am able to make space between who I am and what is happening

So life still happens, but I am less reactive. I am able to take a step back and try and understand the underlying reasons behind why.  For example, if a situation or person aggravates me, or I am feeling a bit low (those days may happen) I take a look at myself to see what it is bringing up for me and what it is I need to look at at a deeper inner level.

Life has become my teacher in many ways, and I have learned to embrace this.


Additionally, my lifestyle reflects the obvious

My alcohol consumption has decreased dramatically and I have gravitated towards healthy, natural and creative lifestyle filled with appreciation and simplicity.

Any foods, environments, people, things, media that do not nurture me I do not care for in my life.

Most of my time is put towards what I enjoy such as creating, writing, reading, learning, organizing and making true and authentic connections with others as opposed to just “merely existing”.

As I continue to grow, I am sure I will notice more changes. Let me know what you thought of this post…

Have you noticed some positive changes and shifts in your own life?

I would love to hear them! Comment Below 🙂


Also, you can check out my video below that goes 4 Quick Tips to Live a Happy Life based on the realizations that I wrote about in this post!

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9 thoughts on “Living a Life of Happy – My Own Realizations”

  1. Living a life of happy involves a lot of mindfulness in the way that you describe it. I’ve started trying to develop some of the habits that you speak about in the post, such as being grateful for the things we often take for granted on a daily basis and not focusing on the future as a source of happiness. I’ve found the latter to be extremely important, it’s really helped me enjoy and find happiness in living in the present.

  2. I am proud to hear you say you found your serenity. I too recently have found the happy medium of spiritually, mentally, physically & financial happiness. And what is funny is that I am not rich, I am not a muscle man, I am not much smarter but I learned to appreciate what God has provided me and to love him as well as my life through him. Very good stuff you are talking about. Thanks.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. For me and for everybody as far that goes focusing the positive is going to have a huge impact on your happiness. I have told people before that I was grateful for air I breathe.
    I think some of them thought I was crazy.Sorry for them cause I know it works.
    Yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is the only cash you have so spend it wisely.

    1. LOL- if we cared about what people thought where would we be…. thanks for the comment. After coming back from Beijing a couple years ago I wake up feeling SUPER blessed to live where I do with such clean unpolluted air. We have it real good.

  4. Your realizations make sense and have lots of common sense to them. Thanks for this post. How long did it take you to adopt these realizations for yourself?

    And by the way, Chuy is awesome. lol

    1. Hi Eric! Thanks-I’ll let Chewy know you say hi! These realizations came over time- it just sort of hit me the other day that I really had “shifted” and felt it might be a good share. Simple yet powerful…. do you have any life realizations that you would like to share?

  5. Great post and very personal. You did a great job and its nice to see that there are those that do appreciate what they have and don’t take things for granted. I know I really think the same way as well. Positive is much better than negative, the only way to have true happiness.

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