Living a Minimalism Lifestyle- A Complete Game Changer

Everyone has their own version of what minimalism is for them.

For me, it is not about living without but rather being mindful of what I do have and making sure that I get rid of stuff that I am no longer using or needing regularly to maintain a space of optimum space, energy, functionality and aesthetic.

I love waking up each morning with a clean space, free from clutter and only filled with that in which I love. Okay, so not everything I own may serve a “true” purpose, but it freeing to know that the space around me is aesthetically pleasing to me and so organized.

To open up a drawer and be able to see all of its contents brings me such pleasure and joy.

To open up an empty drawer- well, that makes me smile with delight at all the new possibilities that are coming my way.

To some people that might seem weird- to have empty drawers when I could fill them up with more STUFF. But to me, it shows me all the space I have left for more to come into my life on an energetic level.

Okay so it could also be my OCD that kicks in regularly……

Jokes (but not really) aside, I am a big believer in the practice of decluttering and it’s glorious effects of joy.

Minimalism is not just a lifestyle it is a mindset. This practice can not only change your life but it can change the future of the world.

The idea that things are really just things, can be hard to fathom when a person has an emotional/psychological attachment to their stuff.

But if a belonging serves no purpose, brings no joy than what is the use of keeping it around?

Society and Our Stuff

Stuff stuff stuff… we as a society in a Western culture are completely inundated with STUFF. The next best product to make you look better, feel better, so you buy that stuff- how are you feeling by the way? Did that

The next best product to make you look better, feel better, so you buy that stuff- how are you feeling by the way?

Did that latest model cell phone cure your loneliness? Did the 12 new pairs of shoes you just got bring you a deeper connection with others?

How much have you actually worn in your closet (I am the worst with this one) and how many beauty products do you actually need?

Although I do still struggle “a bit” with my closet (just being honest) I have been really good with clearing out a lot of toiletries that are full of harsh chemicals that I can’t even pronounce anyways.

Nobody said you need to have it all figured out in a day.

But I do ask you to consider the idea of simplifying your life from all the stuff.

I bet you that amazing things will start to happen if you start to simplify your stuff.

As you simplify your mind.. you become happier and more enriched.

You create space for new opportunities and new connections. Even new, but more appreciated “stuff”.

I invite you to try it for yourself and see how you feel.

Impacting Our World – Environmental Implications.

A major driver for me is the environmental implications of all this stuff. This is huge! I love our earth and I care about its future.

Where is all this stuff going when we don’t want it anymore? Like seriously, have you ever thought of all the garbage that is being created and how it is affecting the earth which is our home?

So I am a huge fan of the less is definitely more, quality vs. quantity and experience and knowledge versus things approach. Now I am not saying that I have any issue to go out and buy what I want and need, but rather the mindfulness and awareness of the things I choose to have in my space. I also make sure that I purge/give away regularly so there is no buildup. This also includes the buildup of “stuff” in my office.

So what are some tips to help you organize your own space?

Start NOW!

Find at least 5 things that you can do without- things that you do not love, that you never use, that brings you no joy…

Feel free to give it away to someone who needs it or donate it.

Figure out what needs to be done with that “stuff you will get to”

If it needs alterations or is awaiting to be fixed/repaired MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Watch my video

Coming soon….

Read some books on clearing your space, to get you started here you go:


What other questions do you have about minimalism lifestyle?

Are you a minimalist yourself? I would love to hear about your life!

7 thoughts on “Living a Minimalism Lifestyle- A Complete Game Changer”

  1. Thanks for the advice. I have things I haven’t used for years never mind weeks. Will be decluttering over the next 2 weekends see how much space I can create & hopefully the wife will join in.
    After reading your post, it really made think why we have so many belongings that we don’t really need or use ?
    Great post

    1. Hi Paul, I am looking forward to hearing more about your decluttering experience! I think in some ways we are “hypnotized” from advertising into thinking that we need this…we need that… when really need and actually use far less stuff. Good marketing. I don’t watch any TV so I think that might be why I am so unaffected.

    2. Andrea
      Getting rid of stuff you don’t need helps a lot when your trying to find things you do need. Thanks I am needing to do what you have posted here. It would save me some time and money if I would.

  2. A few years ago I’ve stumbled across this article that encourages to get rid of any item in your room or house you are not using it because it emits a constant energy which is not good, energy should always be fresh and active, I felt something different when I threw most of the things I wasn’t using, I did it only once and I did not try it again, but thanks to your article I will do it again and always remind myself to keep the energy of my place active. Thank you very much for your information 🙂

  3. Andrea,

    Great Post on a topic that is close to my heart as my wife and I are now minimalists and it feels fabulous to get rid of stuff that has not been used in years. We just recently sold our 1600 Sq ft house and moved in to 420 sq ft. and it is liberating by knowing we have only what we actually need. The Small space is a reminder of what it really takes to live. All the “stuff” we accumulate over the years serves no purpose other than to fill up the garage. Also inline with your other posts, the minimal lifestyle has opened up the spiritual side a bit more as we have been able to bring many good experiences into our lives lately since we are not bogged down by all the clutter. This post is a very good example for all.
    Keep up the good work. Nice read I will be back

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