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Living a Spiritual Life – 3 Points

Living a Spiritual life is much more than collecting crystals, reading spiritual books and believing that there is something much greater than ourselves. Living a spiritual life, to me, means establishing a regular spiritual practice that connects you to your own inner truth as well as establishes a connection between you and something much greater.

Living a spiritual life means to put into practice what you know and I hope you will find these tips helpful in establishing a regular practice. 

Establish Mindfulness

This is huge for a lot of people- we all have a tendency to allow the internal mental “chatter” to create restrictions, confusions, and limitations within our lives. It is super freeing to quiet the mind and just allow ourselves to be. Noticing what comes up for us while in this space creates a pathway to explore how we are truly feeling and dive deeper into our own inner truths. 

Establishing a routine practice of daily mindfulness helps to raise awareness and to expand consciousness. 

What are you currently doing to establish a healthy state of mind? Just like it is important to give your physical body exercise it is important to exercise your mind. Having a morning and/or before bed routine is a great way to take action on truly living a spiritual life. 

And guess what, I get it. It is easy to not do it or forget about- in fact, because of this, I am currently in the process of creating a 21-day challenge (I will provide more details soon). You might want to explore what works for you to begin with, even if is only 3 days per week. I also suggest that starting with 5 minutes each morning just focusing on the breath is a great way to start. 

Establish Awareness

Raising our awareness and being mindful with ourselves and with others is critical to living a spiritual life. Being able to separate ourselves from events and finding underlying lessons within each situation instead of just jumping into a space of judgment is something that takes work, but with time becomes second nature and creates more peace and joy in our lives.

Having the awareness to find synchronicities and meaning in day to day life as well as finding purpose and lessons in each circumstance and situation allows you to understand the bigger picture and see it as an opportunity for self-growth and realization. 

Finding awareness helps us wth understanding that we are all connected and it also helps with the next point which is…

Develop Intuition 

We all have intuition- whether we listen to it or not is a completely different story. I will be posting more about how to develop your own intuition soon, so check back frequently.

The Bottom Line

For me, being spiritual means putting the above into practice- it is one thing to know it, another to talk about it but the true validity to being spiritual for me is putting the principals into action. 

What does spirituality mean to you?

How are you putting your spirituality into action?

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