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Living in Alignment

“Live your life in Alignment” – What exactly does that mean for me?

It means spending my time working on this blog, instead of agonizing over how I can’t help but try to conceptualize the debit and credit categories of a balance sheet and therefore should likely be redoing an introductory accounting course that I feel I should retake because I guess I feel unworthy of my business degree. Read: Why I Feel I Ripped Myself Off By Getting A University Education.

Living in alignment for me also means that I can be honest when I am having a shit day.

And I can accept that one bad day is just that- one day.

Living in Alignment means that I am treating my physical body with respect- through proper nourishment and movement. I am balanced, I am mentally clear- I am using all the tools you can find within this blog actually. (As the weeks progress you will notice that I will be completely re-arranging the site and adding resources so you will want to bookmark and come back frequently).

And guess what?! I can have that extra glass of wine because I want it- and then stop, brush and floss my teeth and go to bed.

Because living in alignment means that I am free of my addictions (aka distractions).

More importantly, living in alignment is when I am excited to get out of bed and work on passion projects (such as this blog) and feel like I can authentically connect with others who are on the same quest for true self discovery as I am .

Living in Alignment can change daily if you (sometimes or always) have (a) *possible* mood disorder(s) -and that is completely okay. I am half-joking/although mood disorders really are no joke… (no but really, I have my days too). Living in alignment for me, means being able to look at things lightly- for we are in this lifetime and, at some point – I hate to break it to you all- but it will come to an end.

For me, living in alignment means to be able to authentically speak my truth- and need not give any fear nor flying fucks about the possible judgement that can come my way as I do so.

By writing this blog, I am in my line.

What Does Living in Alignment Look Like For You?

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