The eating disorder mind can be filled with preoccupied thoughts of food, thoughts of inadequacy, fear, a need for control and perfectionism, and so many other haunting thoughts…

Trying to explain the mind of someone who struggles with an eating disorder cannot be articulated simply… it is as a person is, in general. It is as unique as our own DNA and spiritual footprint, and should be communicated in such a way.

Each person who struggles has a different story. And every story has a reason. Because yes, it- the ED- has been used for those who struggle as a tool to cope- an escape and disconnection from discomforts. This is how it was for me. This is how I hear it is for others…But each story, each person, is different and as unique as they are themselves.

Which is why there needs to be another blog out there that isn’t as clinical in disposition, but more authentic and emotional in nature- such was the intention for the birth of this blog.

Personal experiences can be shared effectively through a blog such as this one. It can be shared through stories told through books, videos, speakings- I can’t express how much a community helps to make a difference, because many thoughts when shared draw from much similarities.

Taking Control Of My Mind

Once I wanted to get better, I knew I needed to start to take control of my own mind- to have power over the negative thoughts that would consume me, lying to me.

Our mind is a powerful tool. On my personal journey it was an integral part of my healing- I have worked on controlling my mind, instead of allowing it to control me.

It took patience with myself, it took practice. I had period of time that would lapse in which I did not practice at all. But then I would go back- I would “revisit my studies” if you will. Little Habits all accumulating towards something. 

Many of the other websites available focus on the importance of seeking professional help for an eating disorder. This post (as well as my site) is to accompany such professional treatment and not suggesting to replace it.

As I have mentioned- I feel like there is a gap between clinical and real word which I hope to bridge-which includes the importance of a solid spiritual foundation, at least this is what was true for me with my own recovery.

I look at professional treatment coming in both traditional and non-traditional forms holistically- as you will notice on my blog I talk about several healing modalities I seeked and committed to on my journey.

I will be completely honest with you, I did one standard Eating Disorder out patient program during my entire 20 year journey (think clinical over spiritual) out patient program was important, however it was only a small part of a much larger journey, for myself, that I had sought out to get better. If I had come across better clinical resources, then possibly it could have expedited the process, or not… who knows. It was not apart of my journey.  It took me 8 years of seeking externally towards other (more ‘spiritual’ sources of healing) and within myself. Although I am recovered, still to this day I have to remember to get back back to the basics of certain skills/practices- to do the work. 

To me, a clinical outpatient program seemed drab and lacked the depth and true understanding that I felt was required to truly address the holes within my core. For me, it was a spiritual journey that was my path- I can’t tell you how it will look for yours. I can only share what worked for me on my journey, and the first step in the right direction for me was focusing on my mind.

After the awareness and understanding as well as acceptance that yes, I had an eating disorder that was stealing my life and soul, I made up my mind to get better. I implemented the following mind habits or tools to start working on myself and gaining the insight, awareness and mindset it would take to continue to carry me forward on my journey- and still helps me stay on track today.

1. I Worked On My Mindset By Thinking More Positively

Using the Law of Attraction and learning more about manifestation was a large part of my first steps towards healing. The law of attraction gives you the power to be in control of your thoughts which then produce outcomes. Also included within this category is choosing to not be a victim and looking at a situation from a different paradigm- a higher vantage point if you will. See: My Pain Is My Gift. *Please note you must me a subscriber to view this post. You can subscribe here.

2. I Started to Work With My Subconsious Mind. 

Meditations were something that I started with- I had a select few that I would listen to over and over. The meditations were used for calming my anxieties and promoting relaxation. They created a pathway for deeper connection with myself and to spirit (which also played an integral role in my healing).

Hypnotherapy was an interesting piece of my journey- so much so that I became a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist as a result. There are many hypnotherapy audios available if you are interested in getting started right away.

3. I Worked on Separating My Mind From The Chatter.

Just because you think a thought, doesn’t make it true.

There are many posts on this blog where you can get more insight as to many of my mental processes and thoughts went on for me.  I share thoughts as I navigate the waters of different situations, particularly towards the latter part of my healing (And with that being said, I am always still learning). Each situation carved out its own story, its own emotions, and its own lessons and awarenesses that can be learned within its teaching. Like I mentioned above, the mind of anybody, let alone that of which a person has an eating disorder is both unique and dynamic. Whether it is you or anybody that you know that suffers from an eating disorder, these blogs can reach its readers authentically in hopes that with greater connection, you can understand that getting better is a unique road, and we are all in this together.

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Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor/Therapist/Medical Professional. I am just sharing my healing journey which led me into a space of recovery- please consult with your medical team or physician.

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