Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor/Therapist/Medical Professional. I am just sharing my healing journey which led me into a space of recovery- please consult with your medical team or physician.

Our mind is a powerful tool. Considering that Eating Disorders are categorized under “mental health” this is a topic that must be focused on thoroughly. Many of the other websites available talk about knowing when one should seek professional help for eating disorder, and it stops there. As I have mentioned- I feel like there is a gap between clinical and real word which I hope to bridge.

It’s as if any form of self help has not been thoroughly mentioned- I will be completely honest with you, I did an out patient program and although it did have some benefits and create more awarenesses for me (all help is good help in my opinion) It was equally important for me to work on and explore the following:

Law Of Attraction – this was interesting/I still need to work on it

Meditations- relaxation/deeper connection with myself and to spirit (which also played an integral role in my healing).