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Mind Muscle Connection Training – The Secret to a Better Booty

I am such a fan of weight lifting and utilizing the power of the mind, so you can understand why I needed to do a post which covers mind muscle connection training.

So many of you might think that weight lifting is purely physical, but that is not the case. Weight lifting/ training/ bodybuilding (whatever you want to call it) it has a pretty solid mental game that comes along with it too- if you are training right.

And now although I am not a personal trainer, I have done a fair bit of research familiarizing myself with this topic lately being a clinical hypnotherapist that is personally into lifting weights.

So, what is the mind muscle connection and why is it so important?

Simply put, it is focusing and connecting your mind to the specific muscle you are training, as you are training it to increase muscle engagement. It is taking the time to really feel the muscle work properly as you lift as opposed to… quickly lifting to pump out those sets of reps without focusing on if your muscle is truly being worked out. (Been there).

I am sure you know that the brain is the control center for our body controlling our movements/motor skills big and small.

I prefer to focus my blogs on being simplistic and easy- conceptual rather than too nitty gritty so I will bypass all of the neurotransmitter jargon and simply mention that a signal is sent out by the brain for any movement that we do, and this signal is communicated with our muscles. For weight training, the purpose is to contract our muscles.

To break it down a bit further, muscles are made up of tiny fibers but not all of these fibers “receive” the communication, particularly if they are not used to being stimulated. This happens frequently in the glute muscles which I will discuss in a moment.

So long story short, if you focus on the muscle mind connection the number of fibers that receive a communication signal to “engage/contract” increases.

The bottom line, you engage the muscle much for effectively, efficiently and you have a better workout.

Back to the booty….

So lets use the glutes as a really good example- the glutes are a part of the body where women especially want to grow. This can be considerably even more challenging for those who do not make the mind muscle connection. And so, what I mean by this is if you are doing a squat, you could run into a situation where the quads take over if the muscle mind connection is not there.  This can perhaps be the reason why the glutes (or whatever area you think you are training) never grow. Because you are not truly working it out.

I hope I provided some insight on this topic. Also, it might take awhile to really understand and make that connection so just keep trying and focusing on making the connection with intention. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this post. Better yet, let me know how your next training goes now that you have implemented the muscle mind connection!

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