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My Journey to Joy – The Unfoldment

When it comes to true mastery of life; if anybody says that “they have it all figured out” – watch out.

We, as humans, are expansive beings- constantly evolving, learning new and more fascinating discoveries of who we are and the world around us.

Unless we are dead (or living-dead), growth is constant.

So, as a personal coach and hypnotherapist, I am very open with who I work with letting them know that I am still on my own journey too- still understanding layers and levels of myself and this greater consciousness within the world.

Like petals of a flower that opens up in its own time, we too have our own rhythm of unfoldment.

I look back and can clearly see the development of my own self-growth. I had embarked on this journey long before I actually realized I had.

By trusting in myself, and by getting in touch with my own inner wisdom and intuition, I was able to recognize that I needed more than just a “great career, and nice stuff” to make me happy.

I needed to explore exactly who I was and what really made me happy.

I needed to feel like I was making a greater contribution to this world and really utilize this lifetime by giving back to this world rather than just by… taking.

I needed to step into a powerful and positive space of creativity and authenticity- being able to express my truth through using my voice and also sharing my struggles and gifts of pain with others, in hopes that they too could becoming inspired, aware, and stronger with their own sense of self.

I am still figuring it out- but I have made such headway in the last year. I appreciate the guidance, support, and all the gifts that surround me each day.

Understand that the unfoldment cannot always be rushed and that there is beauty within the unfoldment itself.

This continues to teach me patience, acceptance and living in the moment.

I invite you to watch the video below and leave me a comment on what (if anything) the video brought up for you- in your own life.

For those of you interested in personal coaching to help connect you with your own joy and truth, you can contact me personally by emailing yourbestbeing@outlook.com

As always,

Love & Light



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6 thoughts on “My Journey to Joy – The Unfoldment”

  1. Beautiful post. It’s hard to find happiness without a sense of meaning, and a deep understanding of ourselves as well as trying to contribute what we can to our relationships can help us form that meaning. Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  2. Loved the video and you show a different side of yourself than what I would have expected. I figured you were all business and planned out everything you do from start to finish of the day.

    Would be great to keep seeing more from where you are learning and how you can be of help to others with your journey.

    1. Hi Eric!

      So happy you resonated and loved the video- it was completely raw and I am happy that you got to see another side of me 🙂

      Planning and time management is important and has been important in several aspects of my life. With it I also felt that I had disconnected from a child-like spirit within me, sourcing from being in a space of creation and play.

      I could have easily done a video that portrayed me as a “much more conservative” character, however, that is all it would have been- a character. I wanted to show a much more authentic side that showcases the challenges that one might have- or have been denying themselves the experience of acknowledging- in order to reach inside and experience true joy, creativity and play!!

      I appreciate your comment, and look forward to hearing more from you!!

  3. I so appreciate how real you are……because that is LIFE! It is incredibly hard to relate to those who are scripted and all together (whatever that means!) Life is messy, building a business or a brand is a ton of work – I can relate to not being able to follow my own damn thoughts sometimes. Thank you, thank you Andrea – so looking forward to more from you xo

    1. Hi Sarah! Happy you enjoyed the authentic and impromptu video that I created to show that it is totally A-oK to have things… not always together and carefully packaged before it is shared with the world! I look forward to reading some of your blog posts too!! xx

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