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Past Life Regression Experiences – Perspectives from a Hypnotherapist

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have had several intentional and unintentional past live regression experiences amongst my clients.

Past Life Regression

Clients that come in will fall under one out of the following three categories:

  1. Those that believe in Past Life Regression (PLR)
  2. Those that do not believe in PLR
  3. Those that are not really sure.

It is important for me not to let my personal beliefs get in the way of my clients’ beliefs so for those that do not believe in PLR I simply let them know that what they are experiencing is simply a metaphor that their subconscious has come up as a means of promoting personal growth and healing.

And perhaps this can even be true, as everyone holds within them their own unique circumstances and methods of healing within a subconscious state.


I personally am a believer of past lives, based on past research findings and my own personal past live experiences. I can get into the various research and studies in another post, and I appreciate that not everyone shares the same belief, but for the purposes of this post, I would like to go over some past life experiences that either I have been through myself or that I have witnessed.

The different experiences covered:

The Boring Lifetime

This is actually more common than one would hope. But it does make sense for a few reasons. Firstly, with many lifetimes one would probably expect that not all can be grandiose and filled with suspense and mystery. The reality is that you could have been a wife waiting around for her husband to come back from the war, or you could have been a peasant who liked to hang out by a pond for the majority of his or her lifetime. Either way, one does not always have control over which lifetime they revert to. seeking out past life regressions solely for “fun” will not initially go into a lifetime of heavy trauma or extremes. I believe this is because the soul is wanting to either prepare an individual for the experience as to not shock them (perhaps easing them into a PLR experience) This is not always true, however.

My own personal experience which I will share below, I went to a hypnotherapist seeking out a past life regression solely for “some answers” and did not initially go into a lifetime of heavy trauma or extremes. Perhaps my soul was wanting me to experience this lifetime to warm me up, perhaps easing me into the PLR experience. This is not always true, however.

The Traumatic Lifetime

I have experienced this myself (as a young girl getting stabbed in a past lifetime, thus explaining my fear of knives). This is quite common when I am doing regression based on an emotional symptom or when I do parts therapy (you can read my post on the different hypnotherapy methods here). Many clients fall between a primitive lifetime and before the 1900’s from my own experiences. Each experience is different and personalized. I can write further on a client’s personal experience after I get their permission- I will know more from this post as to the responsiveness and amount of interest I get on this topic.

The In-between Lives “Lifetime”

I have personally witnessed, although have not experienced this myself, people regressing back into a period “between lives” or in “another realm”. Each experience is unique to each person, but a common threat that stays constant is that they are not giving specifics on anything that we could articulate ourselves in the physical reality that we are all currently experiencing right now, or would have experienced even as far back in primitive times.

Regression as a Method to Regress into a Past Life

In regression I will often take the client back to early childhood, sometimes as far back as infancy and then.. sometimes even further.

and then.. sometimes even further. At this point they would be in a “past life”. This is what I covered in this post today, and I understand that it raises a lot of questions- both for and against the past life theory.

I must admit, I did have one personal experience past life which did not make a lot of sense to me- I thought I was in the 1940’s. Now, if this was in fact true then it would not be justifiable based on carrying out that lifetime and then being alive today, right?

Well not so fast- there are various theories amongst us all trying to explain the vastly expansive and ever-mysterious universe that we live in today. I definitely do not hold all the answers but guess what-you don’t either.

All I know is that anything is possible- and the possibility that our souls could be living in multiple lifetimes at once could be true. This is hard for even me to accept, but I know enough to know that I DON’T KNOW.

I have been blessed to have been able to study my craft with under some great teachers, including a brilliant Hypnotherapist by the name of Leslie McIntosh who has put a book out called “Your Soul: Past, Present, and Future”.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to gain further insights into PLR as well as here personal accounts of clients that she has worked with.In that lifetime they could be male or female, have a different name and be from a different country. I often have female clients who tell me that they are male, and have certain “inner knowings” that this experience resonates with them to

With the clients that I work with, I keep full confidentiality and unless I ask permission I will not be posting their own experiences within my posts. I can tell you, generally speaking, in whatever lifetime they regress to they could be male or female, have a different name and be from a different country. I often have female clients who tell me that they are male, and have certain “inner knowings” that this experience resonates with them to truly be a past life. Certain “things” come up in a lifetime which carries over to be true for them in this lifetime… such as relationship issues etc.

My Personal PLR Experiences

In my very first past life experience, I went into a lifestyle that was somewhat boring but did provide me with some “clues and answers” that I was seeking in this lifetime.

I was a male, in England around the 1880’s. Several elements in the scenes I experienced (such as elements within my surroundings, the environment, and the style of dress) I later researched on Google to see if it added up to the time period.

Google confirmed that what I was wearing played true for that period. Prior to my regression, I knew very little about 1884. One might suggest that I must have gotten this from a movie or made it up but… I really do not believe this is the case. I am following a deeper intuition within myself that validates this experience to be true for me, and specific clues which match up to what I researched on Google confirms this for me. This has happened with many other people too.

Again, I respect all beliefs and this is just my own experience.

Past life regressions are not only insightful but can create a sense of deeper expansion between a person and the realm that lies within the subconscious mind and perhaps beyond.

I would love to know your thoughts on this post! What are your thoughts on past life regression?

Would you try PLR yourself?

Do you have a PLR experience that you would like to share?


5 thoughts on “Past Life Regression Experiences – Perspectives from a Hypnotherapist”

  1. Interesting post. I read one or two books about rebirth and afterlife, but that was about ten, or more, years ago. I´m a bit sceptic about this whole thing but at the same time, if it´s helping people to get over certain things in their life where they might feel stuck, than why not. Like you wrote, we don´t know everything…
    Take care

  2. I have never experienced PLR. I fall somewhere in between believing and not quite being sure. It does make a lot of sense though since I’m pretty sure our souls do not come into our human bodies to experience physical life only once.

  3. I believe in life after death that there is a physical life and a spiritual life and that everything in the universe is connected and we cant have one without the other. There is a lot of great information on here.

  4. Nice post! To be honest I have never given much thought of previous lives but your post has intrigued me! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very interesting stuff. I rely on my intuition a lot and listen to my gut so to speak. I don’t think it’s that I DON’T believe in this type of thing, but something about it doesn’t quite set right. And I’m not sure why since I’m not necessarily opposed to believing it… All I know is there’s definitely more out there than we are aware of. Many things we do not know. I guess one might ask; Is there a reason for that?

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