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Self Evaluation How To

The idea of self evaluation to me, is exciting. I am a lover of lists, and passionate about self development- so of course, continual self evaluation is high priority.

Through the process you can understand where you are currently at- which is a great starting point for wherever you want to go. I’d like you to think of it as embarking on a journey- and first taking inventory of all your supplies and current state.

Sometimes, you may not realize that you are missing necessary “tools” or “items”. In other words, there could be an imbalance that you are not aware of until you do an assessment of where you are at in each of life’s areas.

There are many reasons for self evaluation- and personally, I think that a yearly evaluation is great to see where you can set goals, make necessary changes, and improve your life .

Often times, we can focus to heavily on one area of our life thinking that it will bring us “the joy we seek” once we have obtained what we want out of that particular area- for example, in North America there is huge pressures surrounding career and financial performance. For this very reason, more time can be spent on the financial and career areas of life. One could then obtain all the wealth and success they desire only to discover that their health and love and relationships have suffered in the meantime if they are not aware of the importance of balance in all life areas.

Only then, can a person achieve the joy and true life satisfaction they so crave.

Another example, is that often times the financial category is not focused on- for whatever reasons, it might even be easier to not even think about it. Perhaps there is stress and discomfort regarding this area. This is also something that must be looked at and addressed- but pretending a category is not there or doesn’t matter will not make it go away.

Again, a truly joy filled life is balanced- and this does include areas of finance. Abundance and wealth are good things to have and want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with recognizing that money is a tool which provides freedom, can create ease, and be put towards many positive endeavours/causes- and yes, even things that you like and want!

If you are wanting to get started with a self evaluation to take inventory of where you are currently at? I have done up a “self evaluation how to”.

My free self evaluation workbook covers all of the 12 areas discussed in my previous post titled “How to Live a Life You Love”.

Make sure to join my Facebook Page here, as I will be putting out weekly videos covering each of the 12 areas for further discussion.

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