Spirituality & Recovery

For me, spirituality and my connection with spirit/the universe was such a huge part of my healing journey- and healing the layers within myself that needed to be healed in order to truly be free from the chains of the Eating Disorder (ED).

You see, I had such a strong relationship with ED and it drained me for so many years- as I worked on forming a stronger relationship with spirit, and myself, it guided me towards the light. 

I would consider myself a spiritual person- although I go through times where I don’t put as much effort into maintaining my spiritual practice (this blog is all about honesty). Often, I pick up a book or watch a video and I am once again inspired. I take it as a sign, or a whisper from spirit- gently reminding me that it is time to “get back to work”. This blog, for me in many ways, is a form of spiritual practice.  

Spirit holds no judgements. 

I was constantly always judging myself so what a breath of fresh air for me to have a connection with something so… accepting. 

I have had several of my own spiritual experiences through dreams and day to day which make spirituality very real for me. I do believe that everybody has their own experiences and definition of what spirit is to them- whether it be god, the universe, angels, etc. 

For me, spirituality/spirit- I can’t necessarily articulate it in definite right now. Perhaps I will come back to this page and try a bit later on but for now – such as the internet and electricity that we cannot see nor understand exactly how it all comes to be, it just it. We know it is there. And it definitely helps us out in so many countless ways. To me spirit is a different dimension that surrounds us… I trust my inner knowings and vibes on this topic. You either get it, or you don’t. 

And if you don’t that is totally okay. But just know that this part- for me, was  a fundamental part of my recovery. 

Signs and Synchronicities

Some people call it “woo-hoo” and I call it Universal action the way things unfolded- I will link my journey here once I put up a video on YBB TV. Basically, I do feel like I was supported and guided along my journey, I trusted in my intuition and later into my recovery it became obvious to me how things had all lined up just so….perfectly. 

Spirituality in Everyday Life Still

Spirit plays out calmly in my day to day- I call it the voice of my spirit coming up and through me as I write many of my posts.

I have always been (since the beginning of getting to know myself back when I REALLY struggled) and still am a big fan of all things esoteric- astrology, natal charts/human design charts, numerology, dream study and spiritual dreams, energy work, tarot cards…

I also feel that writing, music and art are all spiritual in nature.