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Protected: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful

I’ve popped on to do a post!

This year has been… chaotic. Trying. Interesting.


I really cannot complain.

It seems that there are several changes for myself, and also my partner Rich.

Just to give you an update on the good, I am actually making a BIT of progress on my home renovation. Of course, I always promise pictures and videos and then I jip you out of such glamour.

I WILL- at some point be doing a video. I have actually been recording and it is really just the edit I will be doing after.. ahem… I get those damn countertops in.


I must say that my flooring guy is and was incredible. I am really happy with my flooring install and I am now needing new baseboards. I tried to “salvage” the existing ones but they look hideous. It was worth a shot =p


My lessons are your gain as I have learned a little bit more about human nature with trades and how I need to… not be so trusting all the time. I promise a juicy video soon where I can provide you with some home renovation tips as well as what to watch out for- but this is just a little foreshadowing.

No, I still do not have my kitchen countertops in yet and I am currently trying to get my $6400 deposit back. More details to follow.

Also, I would like to remind everyone who is looking to either do a renovation or a little cosmetic lift, that you should ensure that the painter(s) remove blinds, do proper preparation (any sanding, removal of plates, etc.) tape, drop mat, and so forth. You may want to do this by micromanagement and reminders instead of assuming that people know always know what they are doing. I was out of town and figured it would be great to come back to have the painting done- BIG MISTAKE. I am currently working on getting several deficiencies fixed once I cool down and will allow the painter back into my house again.


Despite the many challenges I have faced this month (the home renovation is really just the tip of the iceberg) I think I have been coping considerably well. I am still attending the DBT course and there is just… so many changes that right now I have not at all been focusing on the blog.


And so, while on the topic of changes- I’m pregnant!

It’s so crazy to even type this- I am still in the first trimester and it is quite early on so I will keep you posted.



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