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The Inner Journey – Free Flow Reflections of 2017

As we approach closer to the year end, ( I really can’t believe it is almost the end of November) I find myself slowing down and taking inventory of where I am at right now, and where it is I want to be. The distance made within the inner journey of my being warrants for an obvious moment of self-reflection and awareness on many levels.

Trust and Faith

A lot of changes have happened this year, and a lot of growth has taken place. Most importantly, a new ability on learning how to feel through the pain of stored emotions has allowed me to experience more depth as a person than ever before. The emotions that I have been carrying are perhaps even beyond this life and into many lives before. I appreciate that not everyone shares the same views as I do in the belief of past lives, and that is okay. I am only here to express myself authentically, and what I feel is the truth for me.

Although it can be hard to see this in myself at times, I am constantly comforted by my own inner-knowingness, my intuition, that everything is as it should be. More importantly, I have found solace within the redefined strength of my faith that everything is going to be okay.

The work that had to be done to get to here – a space of possibilities and bliss – came naturally but yet was very hard work. Such a contradiction I know- I have started to realize that in life you can expect a never-ending series of contractions at times, but definitely not always.

We are complex beings.

The inner journey may not always be an easy one, but it is the discomfort in all of it that challenges me to grow, it persuades me to feel whole and present in this gift of life and brings me closer to freedom from the ball and chain of unfaced fears and desires.

Truth Makes an Appearance

It forces separations in the appearance of myself, my relationships and my career- all of which are seemingly top priority for many others this year too.

Sadly, the song and dance of what apparently is required within the structures of society to “be happy” have us making choices that might not be aligned with the inner voices we all have inside, no matter how faintly it whispers. You can trust that if you ignore the whisper it only gets louder. The inner nudges manifest themselves into rude awakenings which yell and scream echoing in all layers of your body, mind, and soul. This was happening for so long, and I am finally free. This is a major accomplishment to be celebrated.

Now, I try to spend more time in stillness and with my newly appointed ability to sit quiet, open, and allowing of amazing gifts to receive. This is a tool that requires minimal effort yet always seems to put me in such a glorious state of joy. The ability to just be, and to be in breath is something that is so often taken for granted until, I am sure, it comes down to those final moments- perhaps even a fraction of a moment when inevitably our last breath will be taken.

The Gift of Doing The Work

And that is the point in all of this. I wonder, had I not done any of this work, where would I be now? Thankfully I accepted the invitation to take the inner journey. A place not limited to space or time. When I look up at the night sky, at all those billions of stars, I remind myself of how interesting it is that we are all made of stardust. The connection to what is around us, beyond us, within us…… the journey now that I take is no longer a race to the finish line.

Nowadays, I take more time to just… wander.

The questions I have, they don’t all need answers.


And as I continue to make the necessary changes within, the outer world shifts to catch up. I feel safe and supported right now, and that is all anyone can really ask for. The inner journey never really stops, apparently, so I embrace each moment for what it is.

And in this space, although I know I have more of the inner journey ahead to travel, there is a large part of me that feels like I have arrived.

Closing Note

If this resonated with you in any way, I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and what this brought up within you, below.

As always, Love & Light




1 thought on “The Inner Journey – Free Flow Reflections of 2017”

  1. You are right that discomfort forces growth. Too much of it causes stress. Too little causes complacency. The right amount is needed to create constructive growth. Getting to this middle ground is through management of discomfort. Your article calmed me down. Thank you for sharing and I hope you keep up the great work!

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