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The Power in You – What Lies in All of Us

I had a really nice little conversation today with a woman.

I appreciate this conversation immensely, as it allowed us to connect and also sparked the inspiration for this post.

I am quite open about being interested in the metaphysical and spiritual elements of our universe. At this point in my life I could care less if anyone has an opinion about it being “voodoo” or “BS” as I do think that this type of closed minded thinking is quite archaic.

Much like we cannot quantify the internet or electricity, we cannot quantify the metaphysical realm. We can, however, utilize and harness its energy which has an increasing impact effect on ourselves, our communities and world.

In short- just because you cannot understand it or “see” it, does not mean that it does not exist.

I know enough to know that there is plenty I do not yet know. About the world, and about myself.

I know my likes, my dislikes- I know who I am and I am comfortable with who I am.

After many years of self-torture, finally, I love myself!

But I want to find an even deeper purpose… I feel like there is something more to come…

I feel like the flame inside I have discovered, and it is asking me to explore it further to ignite the fire.

Perhaps with you, it is the same.

I think that people are becoming increasingly aware of what is inside of them- the power within you, within me- within all of us.

It was interesting however, that due to the generational gap between myself and this women, there did seem to exist much more apprehension on her end to be open with he own spiritual journey that she is currently on until she knew just how far beyond the solid line I go.

It was not until I created a safe space for her to recognize that she would not be judged to think that she could be capable of much more, that she felt comfortable to step into her own personal power and acceptance of a different paradigm- a new belief system.

I feel fortunate growing up in a time where having interest in the metaphysical is becoming more and more widely accepted and appreciated- and I truly feel that we are entering into a higher consciousness on a universal level.

We are starting to become tired of the boxed in shit that we “told to become” as if we are not there already.

Forced to focus on external comforts that will reassure us that we have reached “where it is we should be” within a certain time frame.

Yet, time is not linear.

This concept is only what we have been told.
And so we listened.

But at this point I no longer listen to “them”. I am only wanting to listen to myself.

I think all of us at our core, deep down, recognize and understand that we, perhaps, might be destined for something much greater than to get put inside a box and forced to carry out a lifetime of expediencies which often times, lead to to let downs.

Deep within all of us there is something at the core- much deeper.

Perhaps it cannot even be explained.

I have been working in the past few years to break down the armor- the layers, surrounding this core. I have started to embrace new ideas and ways of being-alternative to what I thought “must be” many years ago.

It is not happening immediately, but at a gentle and guided rhythm. One that I feel is directly in tempo with mother nature.

An unfoldment if you will.

As I seek to discover and uncover my own personal power and meaning of this lifetime, I am going to start vlogging and documenting it in a way that will naturally take shape… the cam has been ordered… we just wait now..

I am excited!

For anyone reading this, you have the power of personal choice. To do what you want when you want to. What will you do with this power?

For many, the inner calling goes ignored for many years. Quite like myself, it might be laying dormant ready to be unleased. Once pandora’s box is opened, you can only shift forward by following your inner voice.

Right now, I ask myself…

What is the next best move?


I hope that you will enjoy following me on my  *spiritual*  journey… let’s see where it will go!

Hopefully, it will inspire you to go on your own journey, to discover and uncover your best self and also tap into the great power that lies within you.

Comment below if this resonates with you.


Love & Light


9 thoughts on “The Power in You – What Lies in All of Us”

  1. I can totally relate… Already in my late 30’s and more and more I tend to listen to my inner voice rather than what’s been taught to me through generations, their beliefs and even religion and politics views. I’m me… my own identity and I deserve to be just that. Make my own assumptions, have my own points of view and not worry about what others think!!! We live in a different world now… one that no one will force their own ways on me.

  2. Very interesting article and good for you for not being labeled or boxed in. I feel like I understand what you are saying. I believe in God and just because we cannot see him doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. It is much like my faith. I think we are destined for something greater than this world. Is that what you are referring to or am I completely off base?

    1. Hi Tiffany- you are not off base at all 🙂 I am basically referring to the limitless possibilities of our human potential that we are just starting to tap into and discover.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for the enlightening article.

    I strongly believe what’s inside of us is a force to be reckoned with. Some of us call it our spirit. I think so too and it is what drives us to strive for higher level goals (i.e. development of self through body, mind and spirit). It is my belief that the development of the body influences the mind and in turn the spirit. The reverse is true, where our enlightened spirit ploughs back and helps the body and mind. We often hear of people talk about inspiration – ideas that go beyond the normal level of creativity, wisdom etc. Inspiration in Chinese is written as 灵感. The first character is spirit and the second is feeling. Inspiration = spiritual feeling.

    1. Hi Jude! Thank you so much for your insightful comment. I believe this to be true too. Thank you for sharing the meaning behind the Chinese characters- I find this very insightful as the Chinese culture holds a wealth of knowledge. All the best to you on your journey!

  4. Great article Andrea. I think one of the most important things for people to do is to figure out their own agenda in life and pursue it wholeheartedly. If you can only follow what other folks tell you to then history is simply bound to repeat itself over and over. Being your own master and going your own way is an absolute necessity in life!

  5. Hi Andrea,

    This is a great article. After reading it for the second time, I am feeling very inspired. This resonates with me quite a bit because I have a little voice in my head of what I “should” do quite often but it is up to me in the end to design the life I want and deserve 🙂

    I have had the privilege of knowing you personally and seeing you grow over the last year or so. You have inspired me to look at situations differently and have taught me to look deeper into myself. I appreciate your spiritual outlook and beautiful energy! I am looking forward to following your vlogs and your journey.

    Lots of love to you and Chewy!

    1. Hi Brian!! <3 <3 Thank you SO much for your ongoing love and support! Chewy and I appreciate you and we look forward to what you will create for yourself as you continue to move towards self actualization and growth on many levels. All the best to you and your journey! Love & Light xo

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