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The Power of Possiblity

There is something so wonderful about what could be, can be- there is power in hope.

The power of possibility is what drives leaders and change makers to do what it is they have done- for if never thought possible why attempt to int he first place?

We wouldn’t possibly think that we could survive jumping off a 20 story building without a parachute, would we?

It is in the power of possibility that creates so much magic and excitement for me in many things that I do, and so I ask you how much possibility and inspiration do you have in your life right now?

If you need to look towards an example of who has demonstrated just how much possibility there is, I would recommend spending more time reading about Elon Musk- if you don’t know who he is you by the way you are living under a rock.

With the people in my life (friends, clients, my dog) we are always discussing possibilities and I urge you to push your own boundaries of what is possible. Dream Big! Think Big!

I get fascinated by so many things that we deem as “impossible” and never strike anything out to not be a possibility- such as the story of the Monk who put his hand through stone. With further scientific research being done on quantum physics the likelihood of this story being plausible becomes more and more believable.

Before you think I have completely “lost my marbles” with the above example, it is to merely drive home that I understand that it is beyond what we conceptualize to be humanly possible at this time. But do understand that throughout history our understanding of what could possibly be has changed and we have proven ourselves to move beyond current limitations time and time again.

I am going to “live” this post now- I am not the type to mull over concepts until perfect- but stay tuned and come back this week because I plan to add more information to this post… perhaps a video.

Anything is possible 🙂


Make sure to leave a comment below-especially if you took a look at the two links above!

I would like to hear about the possibilities that you dream of in life!

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