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The Spice of Life – Understanding Richness Beyond Net Worth

The Spice of Life Can Be Found in the Breadth of Treasures Within and Around Us.

So often, especially today and especially in Western Society, we can fall into the trap of suggesting that the words “rich” and “wealthy” mean a person must “have it all”.

Especially coming from a real estate/investing background where there is a lot of emphasis on financial wealth, it is easy to have a certain belief system.

“He’s Wealthy”, they say- “He must have no cares or problems in this world because he is so rich”, they say.  I can literally feel the weight of the energy surrounding these words.

They hold so much weight.

Well, but is he really as rich as they think?

We often think of riches as material wealth, but there are many more riches that money can’t buy.

Sure- a person might have attained one element towards an enriching life and be able to take pleasure in the joys of being financially stable- but if declining health, no passions and the inability to share adventures and joys with others than just how much wealth, richness and abundance is really being had here?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I too am a participant in certain ideals and standards of modern society. I also find myself in a space of which I will simply call “the wanting”. The attainment of financial/material wealth is a paradigm of thinking that is not something I am against per se-(as long as integrity and values are still kept in place). The strive to be more and want more is only natural in a constantly expanding universe. In fact, some may say it has been necessary to the outcome of our human evolution.

The importance of Economic Security.

There is an importance for money- it is a form of currency welcomed for the freedom it brings, the “fuck you” position that it gives you when you are tired of putting up with people’s shit, and the opportunities to use it to do good things for others and for this world.

It is wonderful to be able to purchase quality food, clothes, bits for your pets, and many other items within “the wanting” space.

The fact of the matter is that money is an important tool that does have the ability to enrich your life in many ways.


I appreciate many of the other life’s riches can also be found in so many other ways….

And to define how rich/wealthy a person is on a single economic measurement alone has its limitations.

I would like to share them with you today, below, “Spices” of life. Each Spice is another amazing add into the wealth and richness bucket.

Money is important no doubt- feel free to comment below if you disagree please as I would love to hear your viewpoint. However, there are so many other things that truly are “the spice of life” so to speak, that create true richness and abundance beyond the limitations of defining one’s happiness solely on their net worth, as I know many of us do.

Perhaps by reading below, you may find that you are much richer (or the opposite) than you originally thought.

The following concepts are derived from Chapter 1 of  “The Master-Key to Riches” by Napoleon Hill.

To truly be rich, you must additionally encompass most if not all of the following….

The Spices:

A Positive Mind

To me, this is a total “no-brainer”- slight pun??? Anyways, I really won’t get into this one too much but mental health, mental wellness, and a positive mindset- this is all KEY to a quality life. This is the absolute foundation of all. This is why I took the time to become a practicing registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and why I love to explore the depths and wonders of our human thoughts and the power of our minds. May I recommend a daily meditation practice, and you can sign up for a free week of my Hypnotherapy Program here. 


Again, no-brainer to make sure your body is at peak function and the ability to rejoice as you wake up each morning knowing that you are physically able-bodied to do the things that you enjoy (and perhaps have taken for granted up until this point) makes you richer than many others in the world who suffer from health ailments or disabilities. For me, physically sound health is very important. Our bodies are a vehicle to house who we are- with health we are truely able to enjoy this life that we were given to its fullest potential.


Quality relationships and friendships make this life a whole lot brighter. Live in the moment, and in a world where you can be anything, be kind! Laugh and play with others- quit taking things too seriously! I am blessed to have amazing friendships and I cherish them more and more each day. Life is so much more enriching when you are able to spend it with those you care about. True friendship is the greatest gift of all.

Freedom From Fear

Fear of getting old/dying, fear of rejection, fear of failure- all of these things inevitably will happen. It is how you decide to react to them that matters- going back to the top where having a positive mindset is very important. There are also other fears in man’s mind but why list them here to remind you- ultimately freedom from fear removes any blocks into sitting in a space of love. I will go into this more in another post. We can get really deep here….


Wanting more- in all areas of life. Creatively, this has been pressing lately. As I continue to write and build my blog… my hopes for the direction of this blog and my online hypnotherapy program enrich my life and create a sense of striving that I cannot articulate fully because it is a feeling- an urge- an inner flame. It constantly burns.

Faith & Connectedness

My spiritual practice and the faith in something much greater than myself places a lot of emphasis in my life. I do not belong to any organized religion, I just have an inner knowing and a feeling of connectedness to something much greater than myself. I love to do daily tarot cards, and I believe in angels. I live for the magic- I believe anything and all things are possible! I have faith that all will work out as it should.

Willingness to Share One’s Blessings

Giving back to others, even in small ways. A simple smile is sometimes all it takes. A sincere compliment to another- and the consideration for another. Just be mindful when someone less fortunate may need something- they have nothing. Regardless to their own personal situation, sometimes it is okay to just give.

A Labour of Love/Passions

This blog is something I really enjoy. I love writing, I am passionate about creating and expressing through development of my online content, interior design, fashion and I am always trying new things and discovering other things that bring me joy. I believe that following my joy is the best roadmap to happiness. What are your passions?

An Open Mind

Being open to new concepts and ideas, the opinions and thoughts of others… it is so beautiful to come to a realization, a recognization if you will- that changes your paradigm for the better.


The ability to have control over yourself is true mastery. I am still working on this at times, and I will get into this more within a private post. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to read about this and my own personal struggles.

The Capacity to Understand People

It is often proven that those with high levels of emotional intelligence often have a better quality of life. The ability to understand yourself gives you the proper foundation to understand others. Much of my blog posts and body of works in some facet all tie to this concept. To understand others is to know that we are all foundationally similar… (except serial killers and animal abusers…. no way am I putting myself in the same category as those people… no way man).

In Closing:

Did I leave anything out that is worth a mention?

Are there any areas of self-discipline that you would like to work on?

Which “Spice” would you like me to write about further/more in depth?

Drop me a line below! I love to hear your comments 🙂


Love & Light




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