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Thirtysomething – This is Where it’s At

Umm, wow. I’m sitting here in my bed, just ate some breakfast.

It seems so unfamiliar to write.

I cannot deny that I have gone MIA on this blog. I mean, does anybody even read this anymore?

Apparently, according to my google analytics, they do.

So heck, as a thirtysomethingyearold – I need to find that inner writer and keep this dream alive. Otherwise, I fear I will be but just another statistic- another unrevived blog.

Oh, helllllll no!

Although right now I feel like I don’t have much to say or share, I am here. I have shown up. I am (dramatically) on the ground, clawing my way towards building a somewhat decent post just to show myself that I have not lost my passion, that I am a fighter, that this blog shall survive!!

Intentional extreme dramaticism is literally all I’ve got for this one.

***- although, quite honestly I do have A LOT of new changes in my life- this includes a move, and essentially an entire NEW life (if you have not already subscribed please do and then read the last *private* post for my HOT NEWS)

It’s not that I don’t want to share, but quite honestly, I have entered another season.

You hear this from me all the time- you shouldn’t be surprised!

I’ve promised videos, I know- where are they? Good question.

  • Since writing this post I have managed to provide you with the ever promised home reno tour…. kinda LOL

BUT- I will say this- I am now exiting the Realtor realm (again) and should be done in a month or two, as I am moving provinces/new life changes. This should open up more space for me to work on my creatives and have fun exploring my joys in this new season.

I will be honest in that I will always have a foot dipped in the real estate realm- this I need to accept because I do quite enjoy it, on my own terms (lol). Being a Realtor for developer sales… it most likely is over. I have faced this acceptance- in which my life must move forward greater than the desire for a paycheck. I thought it was my time to exit before- but it wasn’t (and it was for this reason that I met my boyfriend Rich!) I think this time it is for real now…

So, overall- I feel good. I feel intentional about creating space and making room for all the new that is coming in.

I’ve dusted off my angel books and broken out the manifestation and gratitude journals. I’m okay to admit that I had fallen off the spiritual horse for a while and now I’m jumping back on for the ride- it happens!

I am looking forward to all of the new changes that are happening, and I look forward to sharing my journey- being thirtysomething, this is where it’s at.

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