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What Makes A Life Worth Living

This is a question that I like to revisit, as I am sure it does change for many of us throughout different stages of our lives – although below I go over what I feel are “key” for myself to feel that my life is worth living.

Some things are a constant- freedom and enjoyment of life through experiences, human connection and contribution are just some of the highlights for me of what makes a life worth living. I explain more in my podcast.

Creation- I personally get a lot of fulfillment from the creation of this blog. I love to take an idea and translate it into something, expressing creativity through art, dance, an idea turned reality- do you have this in your life? When is the last time you worked on a creation?

Connection – Do you feel authentic connections within your current relationships? I feel a connection to friends and also animals.

Contribution – In what ways are you able to contribute to others, to the community.

Growth and Development of Self – to constantly be learning and growing and to have an understanding of your dreams and desires as well as goals and hopes to work towards. Mindset and graditude can be put into this catagory.

Feeling a sense of freedom – fun, enjoyment and play – yes! this one is so important- say yes to that vacation, all work and no play is no fun! Reward yourself. find happiness and joy in your life.

What makes your life worth living? Did I miss anything that is important for you?

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