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Creativity – Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

Waves of creativity will hit me,

and then other times I seem to feel a bit uninspired….

The truth is, life gets busy.

I am not even thinking about being creative sometimes because I am busy living and taking part in life.

And then there comes a point when I need some space to connect with myself, with the universe, and with my source of inspiration.

The feeling of inspiration that waves over me- and urges me to create, sometimes feels beyond myself.

The very first that I had ever felt this was when I had an intense urge to do my first acrylic painting, titled “Ariana”.

Something much greater than myself kept pushing me to transfer what was in my mind onto a canvas, and I could not shake it.

Being an untrained artist with no supplies, I headed to purchase a 3 x 5-foot canvas, set of brushes and variety of paints.

The transfer had begun- as I began to paint what was in my mind into its form I could feel the sense of urgency-

almost like a cloud of anxiety-



The very first painting of Ariana that I did had several renditions in which I ended up painting over with different colors, reshaping the scene….

I share my first experience with you, and wonder if you too have had any inner nudge or inspired creativity that was similar.. or different….

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Love & Light


2 thoughts on “Creativity – Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?”

  1. Andrea,

    Wow what a great article. It was a pleasure to read. I know exactly what you are speaking of as often times I sit at my desk and all of a sudden pick up a pencil and start doodling. It usually never ends up being much of anything but the fact is, that like you say, I can feel the stress and anxiety I may be feeling melt away.
    I believe that we as humans are capable of much more than what we individually think we are. Sounds to me like you are completely in tune with that.
    Thanks for sharing

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