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Introducing the Your Best Being (YBB) LifeStyle Boutique

The Grand Opening of The YBB LifeStyle Boutique has begun!

I am SO excited! Not only do I get to feature products that inspire me but also this will also be a great channel to contribute to causes that I am so passionate about.

So.. to discuss this new “chapter”…

Why I started the store

The store has been started as an extension of the “Your Best Being” brand. I love being creative and inspirational, and this is just another avenue that will allow me to do this. Additionally, I wanted to have an arena dedicated to supporting a variety of causes- from fresh water to education. My intention is that I would like to align with causes that support others and more specifically those who suffer from anxiety, eating disorders and lack of education.

At this current point, the store is set to support three causes:


What is to be expected over the next few months & how you can help!

As the store continues to develop, continuing to align with the right causes will be a focus of mine.

Please leave me a comment below- I would LOVE to hear your suggestions for any charities you recommend and why.  I am so excited to embark on this journey!

Thank you for your support!

All the best –

Love & Light


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